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1525 X Hollow Earth
Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & The Subterranean Imaginary - Emma McCormick-Goodhart
an ear with a shell coming off it
Channelling Queer Depths: An Evening with Poet Shivanee Ramlochan
shivanee ramlochan looking off to the right
Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & The Subterranean Imaginary - Liv Preston
an orange exercise book cover with black doodles on it
Nottingham Contemporary Appoint Salma Tuqan as Director
A picture of Salma Tuqan sitting on a chair and smiling at the camera. There are bookshelves and a table with a bright patterned tablecloth behind her
Discovering Light in the Dark - A Loudspeaker Exhibition, Dec 2022
Welcome Walkthrough - Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & The Subterranean Imaginary with Karen Lunt
Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & The Subterranean Imaginary - Matt Copson
Into The Shadows: In Conversation with Kevin Lu
Artists' Film: Jarman Award Touring Programme 2022 - In Conversation with Rosa-Johan Uddoh
a Composite of stills from work in the Jarman Award 2022 touring programme
Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & The Subterranean Imaginary - Flora Parrott
a close up of an artwork consisting of rocks on top of embroidered fabric. in the background are two hanging fabric pieces on a wall
A Walkthrough of Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & The Subterranean Imaginary with Sam Thorne
a vitrine of archive material including drawings, publications and ceramics
Artists' Film: Selected 12
a film still showing trees with branches growing in an unusual trellis shape. subtitles read "my relations are part of me, and I part of them"
1525 Capoeira Collective x WAHAD: Nova Geração 2022
a person doing a handstand
Sam Thorne to step down as Director of Nottingham Contemporary
Sam Thorne smiling at a gathering of people in front of the doors to a gallery at Nottingham Contemporary
Writer in Residence 22 - 23
Two brightly lit colourful sculptures in a dark outdoor space
Meet the Maker: Studio Mali
Ali and mark sitting on a sofa with a wooden coffee table inlaid with colourful sections in front of them
Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & The Subterranean Imaginary Audio Exhibition Notes
a poster for hollow earth featuring a photo of someone painting in a cave
Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & The Subterranean Imaginary Audio Wall Texts and Artwork Labels
a poster for hollow earth featuring a photo of someone painting in a cave
Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & The Subterranean Imaginary Easy Read Exhibition Notes
Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & The Subterranean Imaginary Large Print Exhibition Notes, Wall Texts and Artwork Labels
an exhibition poster for hollow earth with a black and white photo of someone painting in a cave
Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & The Subterranean Imaginary Translated Exhibition Notes
an exhibition poster for hollow earth with a black and white photo of someone painting in a cave
Book your Christmas party
A graphic that reads Your Christmas at Nottingham Contemporary
The Adventure Playground: Present/Play with Gabriela Burkhalter
a person standing in front of a large orange and yellow sculpture made of tubes
National Playday 2022
children on top of a large blue and green padded sculpture
Performance: Beyond Relentless Acceleration
a blurred image of people moving through a space
Creative Path to Acceptance: A Loudspeaker Project Summer 2022
text reading "creative path to acceptance"
The Adventure Playground: A Playful Attitude by Aberrant Architecture
an installation in a gallery featuring a blue sunken pit with a doorway detail coming out of it
Activity: Play Prompts and Conversations
blue green and yellow tape marks out a zig zag on a concrete floor and wall
The Adventure Playground: Out of the Sandbox and Into the City by Sol Pérez-Martínez
a modern building
Keynote: Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley
Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley stand smiling at the camera with their arms around each other
Walkthrough and Artist Talk: Assemble + Schools of Tomorrow
two people talking in a gallery - one is standing and one sits on a large red slide
Welcome Walkthrough: The Place We Imagine with Lisa Jacques
a person standing in a gallery amongst large black and white floor cushions shaped like animals
Reading: Elizabeth A. Povinelli & Rindon Johnson - Futures, maps, memories, meanderings
the words "five bodies" in black on a green and yellow gradient background
Call for Entries: Craft Fair Contemporary 2022
Christmas trees, a bauble and a dove on a blue background with text reading "call for entry: craft fair contemporary"
Open Call: Writer in Residence
the words "emergency & emergence" in white on a yellow background
Reading: Sumita Chakraborty & Karen McCarthy Woolf - Echoes and Disturbances
the words five bodies in black on a green and yellow gradient background
Artist Talk: Meriem Bennani
a person sitting talking expressively
Artists’ Film: Gerard Ortín Castellví, Agrilogistics
a poster for "agrilogistics". the title is in black on a gridded turquoise background surrounded by a border of pink flowering plants
Artist Talk: Assemble + Schools of Tomorrow
three people sitting on red and grey steps
Call for Entries: Print Fair Contemporary
a graphic with bright coloured shapes and text reading "Call for Entry: Print Fair Contemporary"
Welcome Walkthrough: Life on the CAPS with Niall Farrelly
Welcome Walkthrough: The Place We Imagine with Karen Lunt
a gallery install shot
Welcome Walkthrough: The Place We Imagine with Simon Withers
The Adventure Playground: Architectures of Contemporary Play
An image of children playing on a tree in front of a building of flats, with the text 'The Adventure Playgrounds: The Architectures of Contemporary Play' written in black font overlaid onto the image
Activity: DIY Board Game
A hand drawn board game by a child with images and writing
Easy Read Exhibition Notes: Meriem Bennani & Assemble + Schools of Tomorrow
two exhibition posters
Meet the Maker: Currently Kimmy
a person crouching down looking at the camera surrounded by illustrated prints
Play & Learn: Coming out to Play?
Child outside their front door on a yellow mat with paint bottles, looking and listening to a story being read by artist Sian Watson-Taylor. Mother is in the doorway crouched downwith hands together adn a big smile on her face.
Reading: CA Conrad & Will Montgomery - Sounding Ritual: (Soma)tics and Acoustics
the words "five bodies" in black on a green and yellow gradient background
Assemble + Schools of Tomorrow Audio Exhibition Notes
a purple and yellow abstract poster with text reading "the place we imagine"
Assemble + Schools of Tomorrow Large Print Exhibition Notes
a poster with the words " the place we imagine" on a lilac and yellow background
Meriem Bennani Audio Exhibition Notes
a poster showing a crocodile head looming over a globe with text reading "life on the caps"
Meriem Bennani Large Print Exhibition Notes
a crocodile looming over a globe with the words "life on the caps"
VR Exhibitions: Assemble + Schools of Tomorrow and Meriem Bennani
Two children playing on the funhouse - part of the Assemble + Schools of Tomorrow Exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary
Us Font
Laura Eldret, Us, 2021. Typeface. Created in collaboration with children of Milford Academy Nottingham and Fraser Muggeridge.
Assemble + Schools of Tomorrow Translated Exhibition Notes
the words " the place we imagine" in black on a lilac and yellow background
Meriem Bennani Translated Exhibition Notes
a crocodile head over a globe with the text "life on the caps"
A Dialogue Through Material by Céline Condorelli and Hannah Catherine Jones
an install shot of a dimly lit gallery with a patterned curtain in the centre
New Futures in the Making A Loudspeaker project Winter/Spring 2022
an abstract colourful image
Artist Talk: Creatures of the Lines
a close up image of a spine like structure
After Growth: A Symposium on Post-Capitalist Imaginaries, Day 1
the words "after growth: a symposium on post capitalist imaginaries 19.03-20.03" in black on a yellow and pink gradient background
Land and Solidarity; presentations by Ez North (Landworkers’ Alliance), and Kathrin Böhm, chaired by Rebecca Beinart
the words "after growth: a symposium on post capitalist imaginaries 19.03-20.03" in black on a yellow and pink gradient background
Repair and Remediation; presentations by wild.NG and Asad Raza, chaired by Theo Reeves-Evison
the words "after growth: a symposium on post capitalist imaginaries 19.03-20.03" in black on a yellow and pink gradient background
Speculative Fiction, Speculative Economics; presentations by Bahar Noorizadeh and Ama Josephine B. Johnstone, chaired by Manuel Ángel Macía
the words "after growth: a symposium on post capitalist imaginaries 19.03-20.03" in black on a yellow and pink gradient background
Visualising the Ends of Growth; keynote presentation by TJ Demos, chaired by Angela YT Chan
the words "after growth: a symposium on post capitalist imaginaries 19.03-20.03" in black on a yellow and pink gradient background
Aftermath 2094
a poster with the words "aftermath 2094" in pink orange and blue
Artist Talk: Grace Ndiritu
Grace Ndiritu sitting on a beanbag in a gallery banging a hand held drum
Family Activity: Building the Future
a photo of Nottingham Contemporary's building next to a drawing of the building with trees on the roof
Meet the Maker: Carly Dodsley
Carly Dodsley smiling at the camera holding a mug with an owl and a moon on it
Response 5
a brown image of a leaf
Reading: Jason Allen-Paisant & Mina Gorji - Roots and Weeds
the words "five bodies" in black on a green and yellow gradient
Reading: Natalie Diaz & Nina Mingya Powles - River /Mouth / 河口
the words "five bodies" in black on a green and yellow gradient background
Award Shortlisting
1525 People vs. Power: Reimagining Our Local Power Stations
Black and white photo of power stations
1525: Gamechangers 2094
Light After Dark Film Festival: Cinema of Dreams and Shadows
a person wearing beret and blonde wig stands with their hands mid air around their head, with an old movie projected over them
1525 Soundscape of the Future
Colourful background with the text Sounds of the Future, written in white
1525 SENsory Museum Inclusivity Toolkit
A wooden shed in a garden with its doors open
1525: Behind the Scenes Conversations - Ryan Kearney
a graphic with a green magnifying glass on a gradient blue background with coral text reading "Behind the Scenes"
Activity: Temple of Nature
a structure made of twigs and pine cones
The Screen at Contemporary: A Subversive Art
three people sat in a row with the woman in the middle touching up her lipstick in a mirror
Five Bodies 2022
the words "five bodies" in black on a green and yellow gradient background
1525: Behind the Scenes Conversations - Olivia Aherne
a graphic with a green magnifying glass on a gradient blue background with coral text reading "Behind the Scenes"
Our Silver City, 2094 Walkthrough
Olivia standing in the galleries with artworks behind her
1525: Eco-anxiety Download
the words "eco anxiety download" drawn onto a close up of a Christmas tree
Activity: Fossils of the Future
Imprints of a key, a phone, a coin and a lego character in dough
1525: Behind the Scenes Conversations - Philippa Sharpe
a graphic with a green magnifying glass on a gradient blue background with coral text reading "Behind the Scenes"
1525 Radical Tech for Survival: Sean Roy Parker
ungloved hands passing an object into gloved hands
1525: Tapestries of Sound: Collaborative Soundscapes to Counter Solastalgia
a cover image with the words "tapestries of sound 24.11.21" and three post it notes covered in handwritten text imposed over a  photo of a table with spoons and vessels on it
1525: Behind the Scenes Conversations - Natelle Morgan-Brown
a graphic of a green magnifying glass on a gradient blue background with coral text reading "Behind the Scenes"
Our Silver City, 2094 : Easy Read Exhibition Guide
a poster in blue and grey geometric shapes with black writing on saying "Our Silver City, 2094. Nottingham Contemporary"
A Tour of Our Silver City, 2094
The words our Silver City 2094 in black on a blue and grey textured background
Céline Condorelli : Colour & Cephalopods
Céline sits with a printed fabric artwork suspended on scaffolding poles behind her
Femke Herregraven : How Will the Weather Change?
Femke Herregraven sits facing us with her chin resting on her hands talking to Kiera Blakey who has her back to us. A camera and light are facing Femke.
Grace Ndiritu : Spiritual Technologies
Grace stands with a tapestry and cup to her left and a hairy pole like sculpture to her right
Liz Jensen : Exhibition as Speculative Fiction
Liz stands with artworks displayed on freestanding chipboard walls behind her
Prem Krishnamurthy : How Can We Make Exhibitions Differently?
Prem sits with his hands open in mid air expressively. Behind him are artworks displayed on freestanding chipboard walls.
Outburst Oracle Cards
Family Explorers: A Blueprint for the Better
A 'blue print for the better' resource sheet considering what changes could be made to make a better future. Some of these include 'Sustainability, 'weather', 'predictions', 'gallery conversations', 'environments', 'sounds of the city', 'call to action' and 'food'. Includes sketches of the Nottingham Contemporary logo, the Windmill Community Gardens logo and the Our Silver City, 2094 logo.
Reflection and Rebellion: A Loudspeaker project Autumn 2021
a tower like sculpture made of brightly coloured paper
Activity: Weather Watcher
An empty jar of twigs with strings holding pictures of a cloud, a sun and writing which says Chilly Bon Bons!
Our Silver City, 2094 Translated Exhibition Guides
The words our Silver City 2094 in black on a blue and grey textured background
Play and Learn Team: Susie's Best Picks
a yellow game Called poo bingo
1525 Intergenerational Conversations, Episode 1: Meet Qaa’sim and Capoeira
4 screenshots of people's faces in zoom windows on a green background
1525 Intergenerational Conversations, Episode 2: Meet Nathaniel aka NV and his Music
4 screenshots of people's faces in zoom windows on a green background
1525 Intergenerational Conversations, Episode 3: Meet Honey Williams, a multidisciplinary multidimensional artist
4 screenshots of people's faces in zoom windows on a green background
1525 Intergenerational Conversations, Episode 4: Meet Jaya aka Jayahadadream and her Music
4 screenshots of people's faces in zoom windows on a green background
1525 Intergenerational Conversations, Episode 5: Discussion
4 screenshots of people's faces in zoom windows on a green background
Activity: Colour Maker
two hands pressing down flowers and leaves onto card with a stone
Call for Entries: Craft Fair Contemporary 2021
Image stating 'Call for Entry: Craft Fair Contemporary' with festive imagery.
Play and Learn Team: Milee's Best Picks
a child holding a blue kaleidoscope with planets on it
Activity: Nature Tangles
Autumn leaves placed together to create a cross-stitch
Meet our new intern
A person stands with a video camera raised in their hand
1525 Paper Boat Making Tutorial
two hands folding a piece of paper
1525: Future of Futures Manifesto
Dark green text on light green background across multiple images with text: “1525 Collective Future of Futures Manifesto  Dear past self, the future you are creating is here. Violet skies await you at the end of your journey.  Our aim is to create a space of organic growth whilst fostering artistic companionship, community and compassion. As young people of now, we will continue to question norms and respond with social change. Do a handstand - see things from another perspective.  To exhale is to release. We encourage radical rest and empathy against capitalism. We will interweave protection of the environment, our work and ourselves - inclusion is a priority. We will channel communication, representation, and awareness of ourselves and others. We practice citation: we respectfully reference and acknowledge influences without appropriation.  Don’t be scared to try something new, for that is what will create the world we inhabit. Transformative change drips slowly - not everything needs to be big steps with big shoes. Thinking, collaborating and supporting others can change lives in mysterious ways. Nurturing each atom to create a universe. In turn, the universe will nurture you.  Dear future self, we are not as different as one might think, you and I. But I hope that when you look back, you see your progress as a boat sees the land. We will let our personalities overflow - our selves are our development. Dear future artists, you can rest your head on my shoulder. I am as you was. Hopepunk!”
Our Silver City, 2094 - A novella by Liz Jensen
Our Silver City, 2094 by Liz Jensen Front Cover
VR Exhibitions: Our Silver City, 2094
The Temple, an installation designed by Grace Ndiritu as part of Our Silver City, 2094 at Nottingham Contemporary
Our Silver City, 2094 Exhibition Guide (Including Audio and Large Print)
Our Silver City, 2094 exhibition poster
Activity: A Moment in Time
a photograph of a family and a letter are on a wooden table with a bowl
Artist Statement Writing with Ellen Angus
A group of people sit around a table
Play and Learn Team: Rachel's Best Picks
a box with drawings of animals on and the words "finger print activity set"
I Spy: Home from Home
A young person drawing on an upright canvas
Play and Learn Team: Ursula's Best Picks
blue and purple socks with an illustration of Ada Lovelace's face
Activity: Best Nest
Cylinders made of newspapers with paper balls inside.
Artists' Film: Jarman Award Touring Programme 2021, Q+A with Guy Oliver
screenshots of 6 video works
Activity: Curate a Collection
Four dinosaur figures inside and on top of two boxes.
Talk: Protest and Practice
he series logo: the words Caption-Conscious Ecology spread across 3 sides of a square, inside square brackets
Activity: Body Marks (Free materials)
White prints on black paper and tracing paper.
Talk: Access and Abundance
the words "caption conscious ecology" in black on a white background
Activity: Map of Me (Free materials)
Natural materials and string weaved together in a frame made of branches.
One in a Thousand!
Milee Lee holding up a blue and yellow badge which says 'Powered by Art' and 'Nottingham Contemporary'.
Activity: DIY Family Festival at home (Free materials)
An image of two pairs of legs wearing wellies.
Susie's Pick of the Week, Shop Contemporary
A picture of 'Shine Bright' magnetic dress up pieces on a white background
Ursula's Pick of the Week, Shop Contemporary
An image of the Sunflower Bar Growbar on a white background
Artists' Film: Selected 11
A picture of Katayoun Jalilipour with pink hands on a green and blue background.
Rachel's Pick of the Week, Shop Contemporary
A picture of Pop Up Pug Puppies with the box in the background
Announcement - Wahad Intergenerational Project
Two people facing the camera with a leafy background.
Pick of the Week, Shop Contemporary
An image of a recycled kalimba on a white background
Space for Imagination: A Loudspeaker Project, Spring/Summer 2021
A poster for 'Space for Imagination: A Loudspeaker project' with three colourful standing sculptures.
Summer for Families
Two people sat around a table with notebooks and laptops.
Activity: Appliance Appreciation
A purple toaster with a series of comical lyrics placed on the wall behind.
Activity: Family Tree (Free materials)
A pair of hands removing a print of a leaf next to a completed pink and green print.
Pommel - Episode 2
Roots/Routes Episode 5: The Important Role of Black Studies
Roots/Routes Episode 4: Black Thought, Imagination, and Intellectual Presence
Roots/Routes Episode 3: Community Organising and Creative Practice in Nottingham
Roots/Routes Episode 2: Why Research?
Donald Rodney, In the House of My Father (1996-97), photographic print on aluminium, 153 x 122cm. Photo: Andra Nelki. Image courtesy of Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre, London © The Estate of Donald G Rodney
Roots/Routes Episode 1: Our Story
Activity: Creative Veggie Walk
Activity: Water Play
Poetry: Raymond Antrobus, Bhanu Kapil, Nat Raha
Announcement - Future of Futures
Play & Learn: What we’ve all been up to!
Talk: Astrida Neimanis
Activity: A Den with a View
Critical Poetics Summer School 2021: Care Of...
A peach and yellow ombre background with text saying "Critical Poetics: Care Of..." with logos for Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham Contemporary, Curated & Created and metronome at the bottom.
Artist Talk: Allison Katz
Pommel - episode 1
Activity: Kitchen Spell (Free materials)
Call for Entries: Summer Markets
Shop Contemporary this Fathers' Day
Contemporary Conversation: Making Queer Kin
Poetry: Five Bodies
Activity: Boaster Poster
Activity: Paint Play
Activity: Book Nook
Activity: Fruit & Veg Chain (Free materials)
Family Explorer Activities: Story Adventure #2 (BSL)
Associate artist, Sian Watson-Taylor, and little artist, aoife, drawing together on the floor.
Family Explorer Activities: Allison Katz, Silent Sounds (BSL)
Four school children dancing in the gallery space next to Allison Katz' paintings.
Family Explorer Activities: Erika Verzutti, Eye Spy (BSL)
A picture of little artist, Aoife, sat down with thumbs up.
Family Explorer Activities: Hello! #2 (BSL)
Little artist, Aoife, and associate artist Sian Watson-Taylor.
Family Explorer Activities: Melanie Matrangra, Hide & Seek (BSL)
Two school children sat together.
Getting to know us: Play and Learn Team
Four images of the Play and Learn Team. Left to right: Susannah Lambert, Milee Lee, Ursula Rae, Rachel Scanlon.
Vote For Us! Kids in Museums Family Friendly Museum Award 2021
1525 Collective: New Members Open Call
A pink background with text saying "Future of Futures" six times and "Open Call: New Members" above a 'loading' infographic.
Allison Katz Exhibition Guide (Multiple formats and languages)
Allison Katz, Ssik, 2020. A painting from the point of view of a mouth looking at two lips close together.
Erika Verzutti Exhibition Guide (Multiple formats and languages)
Mélanie Matranga Exhibition Guide (Multiple formats and languages)
A black and white image of two people sat closely together.
Aftermath 2021
Installation view of the 'Aftermath' gallery space, featuring the work of seven artists.
Poetry: Five Bodies
A pink and yellow ombre background with text that says "Five Bodies".
Activity: Static Magic (Free materials)
A yellow balloon with a smiley sunshine drawn on above paper cut-outs of poppies.
Poetry: Five Bodies
A pink and yellow ombre background with text saying "Five Bodies".
Activity: Creative Walks- Neighbourhood Names
A drawing of a village and writing to show each location.
Activity: Creative Walks - Colour Coordination
A child next to a bed of flowers wearing a yellow hat with a sunflower attached, a yellow polka dot coat holding a knitted, yellow flower.
Activity: Paper Patterns (Free materials)
A roll of multi-coloured paper in a white tray next to different coloured pens.
Activity: The Art of Happiness!
A chalk drawing of a game on a pavement.
Talk: Fumi Okiji
Fumi Okiji looking towards the camera.
Gallery Zero: Feng-Ru Lee
An image of Seoul. At the forefront, a person wearing a fluffy white dress and orange tights walks a dog.
'Cruising Utopia', José Esteban Muñoz
Pink, red, orange and yellow ovals on a yellow background.
1525: Catch Feels Podcast
A graphic illustration of a net - held by a robotic hand - with the word 'feels' and the word 'catch' three times to the top left of the image.
Activity: Dress Grace! (Free materials)
6 images of different paper cut-outs of Grace Jones wearing different outfits.
Response: Issue 4
A person with colourful nails holding a multi-coloured scarf.
Gallery Zero: INSTAR
An image of robotic legs on a dark background.
Gallery Zero: Millie Quick
Millie Quick, Euphoric landscapes: Growthscape, 2021, courtesy the artist.
Contemporary Conversation: Global Intimacies
From left to right, speakers include Aimar Arriola, Malik Gaines and Laura Guy.
Talk: Grace Before Jones
'Life and Death on the Pulse Dance Floor', Tim Lawrence
A crowd of people holding lanterns and LGBTQ+ flags at the Orlando Shooting Vigil.
Poetry: Five Bodies
A purple and orange ombre background with text saying "Five Bodies.
1525: Anagenisis by Christos Gkenoudis
A reflective, dark blue circular shape on a white background.
Gallery Zero: Anton Hecht
Activity: In the Picture, with BSL (Free materials)
Activity: Feel-Good Party (Free materials)
Poetry: Five Bodies
Activity: Kitchen Karaoke
A spinning disco ball above a black and white dance floor.
Activity: Objects as Art
An upside down plant pot, a wellington boot, a roll of masking tape, and two knitted bees placed on top of one another.
Creating an Exhibition: Grace Before Jones
'DISSS-CO (A Fragment)', Douglas Crimp
Red, yellow and orange ovals placed on top of one another on a blue background.
Loudspeaker: Not Just Black & White
Colourful background of different shapes with text which says "Not Just Black and White. A Loudspeaker Project. Autumn.Winter 2020."
Street ART Community Project
A bottle of gold with a paint brush on top of it with gold dripping on to a smaller jar.
An Interview with Jimmy Robert
Activity: Dress Rehearsal
Children placing clothes on an air dryer with the help of an adult.
Activity: Hula Hoop Disco (Free materials)
Grace Jones using a hula hoop on stage during the 'Hurricane' tour.
Activity: The Everywhere Gallery (Free materials)
Two hands holding up a frame to a jar of Starburst sweets.
Loudspeaker: Through Letterbox and Screen
A screenshot of 9 faces meeting on zoom.
Poetry: Five Bodies
A green and pink ombre background with text that says "Five Bodies"
‘I Feel Love: Disco and its Discontents’, Tavia Nyong'o
A photo-montage image of Grace Jones wearing a balaclava.
Keynote: Michelle M. Wright
Michelle M. Wright looking towards the camera.
Artist Talk: Jimmy Robert
Activity: Style Up
A cut out of a head on a table alongside scissors, a pencil, a pen and some purple tape.
Contemporary Conversation: Futurism after the Future
Tavia Nyong'o and Jayna Brown.
'Theory Made Flesh?', Ricardo Montez
Ricardo Montez looking at the camera.
Happy Halloween from our Exhibition Archives
Chiara Fumai, Shut Up, Actualy Talk, 2013. Courtesy of The Church Of Chiara Fumai.
'Black Beauty Model Agency', Desta Hailé
Desta Hailé looking away from the camera behind a microphone.
Activity: Hidden Portraits
A child laid out on the floor holding a teddy bear in their hand, with a foot in a red bucket, a newspaper across their body, a blue cushion covering their head and a blanket covering their other hand.
Programme announced for Peer to Peer: UK/HK Online Festival
Activity: Paper Moves
Ursula holding her arms out whilst holding paper out behind her
Audio Guides: Grace Before Jones & Jimmy Robert: Akimbo
Activity: Stylish Silhouettes (Free materials)
A hand holding a cut out image and placing the image above a patterned leaf to make a new image.
Family Explorer Activities: A Story Adventure
A child holding up their paper creations. Behind is associate artist, Sian Watson-Taylor, holding up another piece of artwork.
Family Explorer Activities: Fashion Show
Little artist, Aoife, and associate artist, Sian Watson-Taylor dressed up.
Family Explorer Activities: Mirror Movements
A child and associate artist, Sian Watson-Taylor, completing a Mirror Movement activity.
Family Explorer Activities: Hello!
Little artist, Aoife, and associate artist, Sian Watson-Taylor sat on the floor.
Grace Before Jones: Our Recommended Books
A series of books lined up from left to right. Grace Jones' book 'I'll Never Write My Memoirs' is foregrounded to the front.
'I, The Object', Mark Fisher
A wooden table covered with Grace Jones masks, sunglasses and other objects.
Nottingham Contemporary receives lifeline grant from Government’s £1.57bn Culture Recovery Fund
An Interview with Sap Plants
Sap Plants owner, Chan, against a backdrop of plants and a "Sap Plants" sign.
VR Exhibitions: Grace Before Jones and Jimmy Robert: Akimbo
Grace Before Jones, installation shots at Nottingham Contemporary, Sept 2020. Photo Sam Kirby.
'Grace Jones', Irenosen Okojie
Behind the Sign: an interview with S Mark Gubb
A neon Nottingham Contemporary sign
Music Performance: Nottingham Chamber Music Festival at Nottingham Contemporary
Jimmy Robert Folding Example
Our exhibition notes in large print
Changing the Story
Grace Before Jones: An Introduction by Cedric Fauq, Curator
Richard Bernstein, Grace Jones Mask for Warm Leatherette, 1980. The Estate of Richard Bernstein.
Cancelled: Craft Fair Contemporary
Historic Nottingham: Photography by Leon Pavich
Three children walking towards the camera
Announcing Sung Tieu's New Exhibition Catalogue
Text against a textured grey background stating "Sung Tieu Oath Against Minimalism"
Families in the Galleries - Denzil Forrester
Colourful poster for "Kitchen Disco" by Clare Foges and Al Murphy. Text at the top reads ""Mummy, this is fantastically brilliant! It's so funny!" Josh Age 5"
In Between the Silence by Simon Withers
A black and white close-up image of the face of a swan.
Anti-Racism: Statement, Responses, Resources
The Nottingham Contemporary building next to a tree.
Creative Wellbeing: Activities for the Classroom
A child looking backwards to the camera.
Our Loudspeaker programme has been shortlisted for a major award
Four brightly-painted people across a variety of different patterns.
Self Love Creative Wellbeing Project
Eight scenarios of multiple women in different roles.
Ghost by Simon Withers
A black and white image of a swan outstretched
Tina Campt - The Slow Lives of Still Moving Images
Tina Campt holding a hand to her face whilst looking at the camera.
The Contemporary Journal: Can you sound like two thousand?
A video still of fire and lava.
Aftermath 2020
Text which states "2020" "AFTERMATH". Below it states "Nottingham Contemporary x Nottingham Trent University"
We've signed up to Family Arts Standards
A group of children and families surrounded by materials engage in making art work.
The Useless Machine by Simon Withers
A black and white image of an outstretched swan on water.
VR Exhibitions: Denzil Forrester, Sung Tieu & Diane Simpson
A screenshot of Denzil Forrester's exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary in virtual reality.
Activity: Colour of Movement
A line art work of two people using tape on wooden flooring.
Activity: Flat-pack Sculpture
Two sculptures by Diane Simpson.
Activity: Found Soundscape
Children smiling and singing into a microphone.
Gill's Creative Challenge: Shape & Shadows
A group of children drawing on to a piece of paper strung up to a wall.
Gill's Creative Challenge: Super Vision Headset
A child holding up a translucent material whilst surrounded by different materials.
Coming together in a collective Response
Jamie Robinson and Amy Matthews holding the 'Response' zine.
Family Activity: Making Moves
A black and white image of an adult's legs and shoes and a child jumping.
Play & Learn: Links We Love
Nottingham Contemporary's play and learn facilitators on Zoom.
CAMPUS Talks: Céline Condorelli
Children playing in the inside of a circular installation whilst adults watch or sit from the outside.
Play & Learn at Home
A screenshot of an instructor and four families on Zoom.
Becoming Part of the Picture - A Loudspeaker exhibition
A colourful painting of four people
Charlotte's Creative Challenges: Things to Life
A pan with eyes placed on is upside down on top of cutlery to form a creature
Charlotte’s Creative Challenges: Art with Everyday Things
Cutlery placed in the shape of a "H" and an "I"
Rights of Nature: Decolonising Indigenous Epistemologies
Two screens adjacent to one another. One is showing greenery with text that says "It's a space for transmitting our knowledge" and the other shows a man in front of a body of water with subtitles of the same text.
Charlotte’s Creative Challenges: Using Your Senses Outside and Around the Home
Charlotte holding a waving hand up to the camera.
1525 Rest & Resources
A screenshot of a Google Document titled "1525 COVID-19 Working Document" followed by a list of resources and links.
A jazz ensemble called the 'Sun Ra Arkestra' playing instruments.
Family Activity Resource: Material Library
Two images of two different cardboard sculptures
Talk: Eriel Tchekwie Deranger
A large screen in the centre of a dark room on wooden stacks. In front are two smaller screens placed opposite one another and also placed on wooden stacks.
Collecting the Ways: John Corbett in conversation with Irene Aristizabal
An art work with the text "Sun Ra" and "Discipline 27-II"
Architecture in Conversation: A Conversation with Adam Caruso
A photo of Nottingham Contemporary from the opposite side of the road
Ovid in Exile by Simon Withers
A swan on water making ripples.
Pedro Neves Marques: Linnaeus and the Terminator Seed
Video still of an artwork of flowers by Pedro Neves Marques
Family Activity: Art Games
A hand holding a dice of different drawing instructions in front of a piece of paper, a pen, an apple, a banana, and a cactus
Experiments in Colour
A colourful display of different art works using tangles and paper.
Experiments in Light
An image of light up shapes through a piece of paper.
Experiments in Line
A display of 9 different black and white drawings.
Experiments in Pattern
A series of different black brush strokes on a white background.
Experiments in Shape
A series of cut out red and blue shapes on separate pieces of white paper which are stuck on to a yellow wall. In front of the art works is a wooden table to the right.
Experiments in Space
Different cut outs of black fabric and garments stuck on to a bright yellow wall.
Our building through the lens
A sunset framed by a corner of Nottingham Contemporary's building and part of a tree
Poetry by Ella Burns Robbins
Ella Burns Robbins stood performing a poem
1525 Covid-19 Statement
A screenshot of seven 1525 members on Zoom
Performance: Curating Sound
A group of people sat and making music in one of Nottingham's caves.
David Scott: The Theory of Haiti
David Scott looking down at a piece of paper
Nature of Rights: Earth Law, Forensics, Geo-Symptoms
Installation view of Nottingham Contemporary.
1804 & Its Afterlives: Session Three
A group of people sat around a table with microphones and documents engaged in discussion.
Family Activity: Party People
Clothing laid out on a tiled floor
The Forgotten Space - with Sukhdev Sandhu & Philip Steinberg
Philip Steinberg and Sukhdev Sandhu sat next to one another in front of microphones, a jug of water, a glass of water and a book.
Introducing our 1525 Collective Members
A digital illustration of a hand holding some blueberries inspired by South American culture.
CAMPUS Interviews: Quinsy Gario
Quinsy Gario sat facing the left of the camera
VR Exhibition: Still Undead: Popular Culture in Britain Beyond the Bauhaus
A screenshot of gallery space in virtual reality
Family Activity: Cardboard Connect
Two photos of cardboard structures
Virtually Visit Us
Virtual reality view of a gallery space with a teal background
Denzil Forrester on Drawing
Denzil Forrester drawing on to a white background with his back facing the camera
Drawing Activity: Draw Movement
Denzil Forrester sketching on a piece of white paper on a pink background
Yoga Sound Movement
Someone smiling to the side whilst sat in front of a concrete wall
Artist Talk: Denzil Forrester
Denzil Forrester and Sam Thornes sat in discussion whilst facing the camera. A table with a jug of water and two glasses is between them.
1525: nellie O... wOah!
A colourful painting of people dancing by nellie O, inspired by Denzil Forrester's 'Itchin n Scratchin'
Our Gallery Zero Resident Artists: Outsider Artist Collective
9 shots of the outsider artist collective walking, making art and discussing
An Interview with Denzil Forrester
Denzil Forrester holding a glass whilst standing next to his artwork at Nottingham Contemporary
An Interview with Sung Tieu
Sung Tieu sat in the exhibition space whilst looking to the side
1525: Protest (ft. Pepe)
A drawing of Pepe on a small piece of cardboard surrounded by post-it notes and pens
Call for Submissions: Print Fair 2020
A series of colourful purple, pink and blue solid and line shapes
2019 Timeline at Nottingham Contemporary
A timeline of 2019 at Nottingham Contemporary
Our Loudspeaker Programme
A group of people stood in a circle engaged in a conversation as one holds a camera
Our University Collaborations are at the Heart of our Work
A group of people stood around a table moving shapes on an illuminated piece of paper
Arts Rich Curriculum Must Be Lasting Legacy For Mcqueen’s Year 3 Project
A group of schoolchildren placing sticks on pieces of paper with the help of a teacher
Sneinton Bauhaus Project
Two children and an adult using scissors to complete an activity
Find the Perfect Gift at Shop Contemporary
A series of gifts from Nottingham Contemporary's shop placed in front of a christmas tree.
Announcement - Schools of Tomorrow
A group of four schoolchildren engaged in an activity as one has their back towards the camera
2019: The Year in Review
CAMPUS Talks: Gurminder K. Bhambra
Gurminder K. Bhambra addressing an audience
Ten years of working in our community
Artists' Film: The Otolith Group: O Horizon
Three people sat in a line discussing in front of a black background
Still I Rise in Virtual Reality
Our team's favourite moments at Nottingham Contemporary
Architectures of Education: Ho Rui An
Architectures of Education: Ola Uduku
Ola Uduku speaking to an audience
Architectures of Education: Ramon Amaro and ruangrupa (farid rakun)
Architectures of Education: Aoife Donnelly & Kristin Trommler
Architectures of Education: Tom Holert and Anna-Maria Meister
Keynote: Irit Rogoff (Architectures of Education)
Ghoüle Wampe Ghost Walk: The Ghostly Tales of Nottingham Contemporary
Photo by Julian Hughes
Louise West: Designing the Lace of Nottingham Contemporary
Contemporary Conversation: Form and Frontier
Artist, Iman Issa, looking towards the camera
Ten Years of Shop Contemporary
Timeline: Browse Through Our 10 Year History
Photo Marc Atkins
Keynote: Ines Weizman
Image of the Photomontage Gropius chair in the director's office at the Staatliche Bauhaus Weimar, 1924 with Photogrammetrie of the chair.
New Artists’ Edition by Denzil Forrester
Image credit: copyright Denzil Forrester. Courtesy the artist and Stephen Friedman Gallery, London.
10th Birthday Party
Sam Kirby
Local Art Student Selected for Prestigious Venice Fellowships Programme
Contemporary Conversation: Carceral Continuum
Silvia Federici: Keynote Talk
A Reading by Lis Rhodes
An Interview with Lis Rhodes
Daniel Steegmann Mangrané in Virtual Reality
Elizabeth Price, FELT TIP, in Virtual Reality
Six artists featured in the Venice Biennale 2019 that previously exhibited at Nottingham Contemporary.
Leyla Pillai: This Side of Nowhere
Originally published on NTS Radio. Who's That Girl, Sep 16 2019. Courtesy the artist.
Nottingham Contemporary Appoint Nicole Yip as Chief Curator
Nottingham Contemporary is shortlisted for Art Fund Museum of the Year 2019
Contemporary Conversation: Plan, Plant, Planet
Elizabeth Price Interview - February 2019
Daniel Steegmann Mangrané Interview - February 2019
Two of our visitors tell us about their experience of Still I Rise: Feminisms, Gender, Resistance.
Slavs and Tatars: Transliterative Tease Lecture
Slavs and Tatars, Transliterative Tease, 2013–present, lecture-performance
The House of Fame in Virtual Reality
Linder on The House of Fame at Nottingham Contemporary
Linder, What I Do To Please You I Do, 1981-2008. Courtesy of Stuart Shave/Modern Art, Dependance, Andrehn Schiptjenko, Blum & Po
Linder describes her encounter with The Goddess of Fame
A preview of Ye Funa's work, Ping Pong Stream
A Sensory Gathering with Linder and Guests
Studio International: From Ear to Ear to Eye
Lubaina Himid discusses her work
Radical Black Art Working Convention - REVISITED
Text on a green background which says "Radical Black Art: A Working Convention Revisited"
Marlene Smith: Interview with the Artist
Sam Thorne on The Place Is Here
Marguerite Humeau, FOXP2, 2016. Nottingham Contemporary
Panya Banjoko - Otobong Nkanga, Taste of a Stone
Panya Banjoko sat on a stone next to a tapestry reciting a poem.
Marguerite Humeau: Artist Talk
Michael Beutler: Artist Talk
Simon Starling in Conversation
An introduction to Simon Starling's exhibition
Unbribable Life: Art and Activism in former Yugoslavia and the UK
Avgust Cernigoj, GUERRA FONDAI, 1972, courtesy of Lipica Stud Farm, Gallery of Avgust Cernigoj, Slovenia
Monuments Should Not Be Trusted Symposium
Bogdanka Poznanovic, Akcija srce – predmet, 1970. (Detail) Marinko Sudac Collection
Circuit: Affinity
Pablo Bronstein in Conversation
An Evening with Glenn Ligon
Glenn Ligon, Malcolm X #1 (small version #2), 2003. Courtesy the Rodney M. Miller Collection.
Contemporary Art and the Politics of Ecology
Rights of Nature Conference: Morning
Lecture: The Philosophy of Time
Agnieszka Polska, I Am the Mouth 2014 ,Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Zak  Branicka Berlin
Laura Clarke, Assistant Curator, on Agnieszka Polska
Agnieszka Polska, I Am the Mouth 2014 ,Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Zak  Branicka Berlin
Paul Kneale on Raphael Hefti’s exhibition
Agnieszka Polska: Future Days Live Performance
Eanna O’Ceallachain on Carol Rama
Victoria Tischler on the work of Carol Rama
Catherine Spencer on Somewhat Abstract
Keith Coventry on Somewhat Abstract
The Asco Interviews
Asco, Asshole Mural © 1975 Harry Gamboa Jr.
Daniel Sturgis on Tala Madani
Brain Bug Performances: Marvin Gaye Chetwynd
Marvin Gaye Chetwynd & Sara Jane Bailes in conversation
Rights of Nature Conference: Afternoon
Sir Nicholas Serota and Alex Farquharson: Aquatopia
Mark Leckey Live Lecture at NTU
Collaborative Effects: A symposium
Piero Gilardi, May Day Demonstrations, Turin 1977. Courtesy of the artist
John Newling on his exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary
John Newling, Fall, (detail) 2012. Courtesy of the artist
Piero Gilardi, Stone Dress Performance at Nottingham Contemporary
An introduction to Kafou Haiti, Art and Vodou
Stuart Burch on Alfred Kubin
Francis Upritchard on historical detail, collaboration and triangles
Francis Upritchard, Jockey, 2012, Photo Kate MacGarry
Francis Upritchard on her exhibition A Hand of Cards
Skype Interview with Mika Rottenberg
A person with their leg outstretched whilst sat down behind a table and surrounded by cardboard boxes
DAAR Common Assembly
An installation view of a structure held up by string
Marc Camille Chaimowicz & Michael Bracewell on Jean Genet exhibition
Installation view of Jean Genet: Act 1 and 2 displaying an artwork on the wall in front of decorated wallpaper
Klaus Weber introduces Already there!
An installation view of artworks by Klaus Weber
Klaus Weber in Conversation with Ian White
An anatomy model of a human with vegetables on the inside
Camera Lucida Revisited with Brian Dillon
Mother Earth Sister Moon Fashion Show
An image of people sat down at a fashion show watching a model in black and white walk down a black and white striped carpet
A Meditation on Venus
Image of large sculpture as well as artworks on the back wall of the gallery.
Grace Before Jones and Jimmy Robert: Expanded
Installation shots of Jimmy Robert's Akimbo and Grace Before Jones.
Loudspeaker: Exploring Creative Ambitions
Huntingdon Academy: Challenge Boxes
3 display tables with boards and boxes on in a gallery