Charlotte's Creative Challenges: Things to Life

A pan with eyes placed on is upside down on top of cutlery to form a creature

Hello everyone, my name is Charlotte and I'm an artist and I work at Nottingham Contemporary. Even though we can't meet and be creative face to face we can still be creative together over the internet. I’ve got some more fun challenges for us to do. Here we go!

Activity 1: Gobbledygook

  • Find a favourite object in your home – it can be anything.
  • Find something printed that can be ripped or cut up. It can be a leaflet through the door, an old newspaper, or an empty cereal box.
  • Cut or rip out some single letters.
  • Arrange them on a surface next to your object, as if your object is talking.
  • What is it saying? What kind of voice does it have?
  • Can you make a background for your object using what’s around you? You could draw one or hang something behind your object – a blanket or clothes. You could put it together with other things or move it to another place.
  • How does your object feel now? What would it say?

Activity 2: Puppet making

  • Find a piece of paper or something that can be crumpled up- it can be a leaflet through the door or an old newspaper.
  • Screw it up but not too much- so it can sit on your hand
  • Open and close your hand so your paper becomes a puppet
  • If you want, you can add some eyes and hair.
  • What voice does your puppet have? What does it say?
  • Write a script for you and your puppet. Here’s the start of mine:

Charlotte: Hello Fumbleonestick, how are you today?

Fumbleonestick (my puppet in a very low voice, it speaks very slowly): I am not very happy!

Charlotte: Oh no! Why not?

Fumbleonestick: Because the sun is shining, and I am stuck indoors. Humph!

Charlotte: Oh dear, well, that’s ok, because……….

Activity 3: Fantasy things

  • Choose an object in your home, it can be anything that can be safely moved.
  • Draw a picture of it or take a photo.
  • If your object could grow legs and go for a walk, where would it go? (You can add legs to your drawing or to your photo with a drawing tool on your device)
  • If your object could grow wings where would it go? Write your answers down.
  • What happens next? Draw or write about what happens next.

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