Activity: Temple of Nature

This activity is inspired by artist Grace Ndiritu’s work ‘The Temple’ and involves a family walk in nature. You’re going to collect natural materials to build a temple to nature.

a grid filled with twigs
a structure made of twigs

Find a spot where you could spend a little bit of time to work on your project - this could be in a park, a garden or anywhere with a little bit of green space.

Collect some natural materials - sticks, stones, leaves, grass, tree bark, pinecones or moss. What can you find in your spot? Sort them and look at what you have. How could you build with these things? What will your miniature temple look like?

a collection of natural materials including bark and twigs laid out on grass

Experiment with different ways to build. You can put sticks straight in the ground and use a stone as a hammer. Try balancing or weighing things down. I used vines and grass to wrap and tie parts together. You can weave grass into plaits to add strength or add flowers and leaves for decoration.

twigs in soil
braided grass held in a hand
a structure made of twigs and grass
a hand holding a rock over a structure of twigs

Whilst you were building did you spot any animals or mini beasts? Imagine who might be visiting your mini nature temple? Will you go back and visit your temple?

a structure made from twigs and pine cones
an overgrown outdoor space with ivy and other plants
a structure made from twigs and leaves

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Tips at home:

  • Wrap up warm before you set off for your adventure.
  • Choose the natural materials that you know are safe to handle.
  • Always wash your hands after playing with natural materials.
  • You might want to wear gloves - some branches have thorns.

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Milee Lee

Milee smiling at the camera sitting on a red train seat.

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