Creative Path to Acceptance: A Loudspeaker Project Summer 2022

two women using a camera in a meadow

Creative Path to Acceptance

Women’s creative voices shared

May-July 2022

Eight women aged between 23 and 61 years from Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby and Derbyshire joined the sixteenth Loudspeaker project at Nottingham Contemporary. They met weekly for ten weeks with an Associate Artist, Support Worker, Peer Mentor and Programme Manager.

Together the women explored the current exhibitions ‘The Place We Imagine’ and ‘Life on the CAPs’ at Nottingham Contemporary. They experimented with a range of materials and methods to make their own interpretations, including collaborating to make a film. The group also visited a local community growing project at St Ann’s Allotments. They discussed ideas about art, public and private spaces, relationships with the city and with nature, and cultural heritage.

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Through exploring art together, women met new people, built self-confidence, established routines, socialised, learnt skills, felt improved wellbeing and tried new ways of making art. Sessions provided a break, ways to connect and reduced loneliness.

a person sitting on a sofa watching a film projected on a wall
people sitting round tables with food and craft materials
people sitting and standing watching a projected film
an embroidery that says "alrate duck"
photos stuck on a wall with a pile of posters underneath
a bunch of flowers

We asked participant S a few questions at the end of the project:

Has taking part in Loudspeaker changed things for you?

"Yes, it has in a positive way, it has made me realise the advantages of creative therapy. I was never good at art therefore always shied away from it, this course has helped me to develop my creative skills and a love of art."

What was your favourite thing about taking part?

"Participating in all of the wonderful activities and being able to be myself and knowing that just being me was good enough."

What do you think about the exhibitions at Nottingham Contemporary?

"The exhibitions are excellent and there is such a variation of different exhibitions."

Did it make you think about anything in a different way?

"I feel like the course has opened my mind to so many new things. I feel more confident now to try things that I have never tried before and embrace new opportunities. Thank you to the amazing team at Loudspeaker. You are all wonderful and the course has been really beneficial for me. Thank you for my newfound love of art and creativity."

logos for national lottery community fund, European Union and opportunity and change

The Loudspeaker programme is delivered by Nottingham Contemporary as part of the national Build Better Opportunities programme through the Opportunity and Change project, which is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund.

an alphabet of handmade letters
the word "loudspeaker" on a concrete wall
a clay sculpture

Thanks to :

Participants: Aneeka, Asia, Beth, Clair, Jelena, Leah, Louise, Sam, Samantha

Peer Mentor, Emma

Associate Artist, Gillian Brent

Support Worker, Veronica O’Callaghan

Digital Producer, Catherine Masters

Loudspeaker Programme Manager, Katy Culbard

modelling clay sculptures
cyanotypes hanging on a line. These blue and white prints show flowers and leaves
a busy room full of people looking at a pop-up exhibition

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