Activity: Best Nest

This activity explores the visual elements of Erika Verzutti's work, and the playful nature of Allison Katz.

We will be creating and playing, to find out which egg, likes which nest, the best.

Newspapers and magazines scrunched up to make egg shapes.
Nests and eggs made of newspapers and magazines.

Make a clear space to work. Gather old newspapers, magazines and packaging. You will need tape, scissors and a stapler.

You are all ready to get started!

A pile of magazines and newspapers next to a roll of cellotape, a stapler, a pair of scissors and a pile of paper and card.
A hand cutting a newspaper with scissors.
Two hands holding multiple strips of newspaper together next to cylinders made of newspaper and magazines and a pair of scissors.
Two hands placing cellotape over a loop of newspaper and magazine strips above newspaper nests.
Rows of nests made of newspaper and magazines.

To make the nests, gather several layers of newspaper or magazines and cut together into a long strip. Loop them together to form a tube shape, tape or staple to secure. Make as many as you like, you might want to change the height and sizes to make the game a little more tricky.

Arrange them together as a group, staple or tape them so they form a good strong structure.

Two hands stretching out a yellow piece of paper.
Two hands scrunching a piece of newspaper above egg shapes made of newspaper and magazines.
A pair of hands holding an egg made of newspaper above already-made eggs and a roll of cellotape.
Rows of different coloured eggs made of newspaper and magazines.

To make the eggs scrunch your newspaper or magazine pages a few times to make the paper super soft.

Wrap, roll, press and shape it into the egg shape using small pieces of masking tape to stick, keep turning the paper until you have the oval shape of an egg. Make as many as you like, they could be different sizes.

Are there any other ways you can make your egg shapes?

An egg being rolled towards rows of newspaper nests.
Rows of newspaper nests with newspaper eggs inside.
10 balls next to card holders and two rolls of tape.

You now have both the nests, and eggs, made. Think of some fun games to help those eggs get into their nests.

Will they all fly at once or one at a time?

Will they bounce into their nest or fall from the sky?

See who gets more eggs in their nests. Have fun setting up your own rules and playing.

You could try ready made objects, such as ping pong balls, and some packaging tubes.

Tips at home:

  • A clear space for making and floor space for playing.
  • Try taping instead of using a stapler for the thicker layers.
  • If you plan to move the structure, it might be easier to have it on a large cardboard sheet.
  • It is recommended a grown up helps with this activity (and joins in!)
  • And don't play with real eggs, that would just be too messy!

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This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Milee Lee

An image of play and learn facilitator, Milee Lee.

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