Family Explorer Activities: In the gallery

A girl lying down, on her back, on the carpeted floor in a gallery looking up to the camera
Photo: Sam Kirby

If you are visiting our gallery, make sure you pick up one of our Family Explorer bags from reception to help you and the family explore the exhibitions together.

They cover the themes of well-being, care, sharing, connection, and story building, through movement, contemplation, discussion, and conversation.

The activities suit a range of ages and abilities, and there is one bag for each exhibition. A variety of objects, books, and activities that all start with a meditation activity, a little valuable ‘me’ time, to help focus before you begin.

Go on, grab a bag and give it a go!

Co-designed by:

Associate Artists, Sian Watson-Taylor and Charlotte Tupper

Play & Learn Facilitators, Milee Lee and Rachel Scanlon

Produced by Associate Artist, Sian Watson-Taylor

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