Drawing Activity: Draw Movement

Whilst you were busy looking at what's inside our building, we've been wondering what's going on outside. We asked visitors to try out Denzil Forrester's technique of capturing movement through quick sketches (watch this great video of him drawing) and draw activity outside Nottingham Contemporary.

Here's the view from our gallery window...

Can you do the same at home?

Find a way to watch people move - you could watch your family at home, look out onto the street, if you have passers-by or on a screen.

Watch people move and begin to draw. Draw quickly without taking your pencil off the paper.

Try to capture action and movement rather than what things look like. Try to feel how the person moves and imagine the movement in your own body. Let your pencil move and draw each push, pull, bend and twist.

Try to see, feel and draw the whole person and movement in one go – it helps to draw the whole body in the first few seconds and then carry on drawing moving from one end of the body to the other.

Click on the thumbnails to view the artworks...

Sketches of people walking and cycling
Sketches of people with umbrellas
A sketch of a busy crowd
A sketch of people walking
A sketch of a landscape with cars and people
A sketch of people
A sketch of people
A sketch of action and movement
A sketch of multiple people moving
A sketch of a person sat at a table in front of a wall of multiple artworks

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