Activity: Boaster Poster

Artist Allison Katz designs posters to go alongside her exhibitions. You can see some at Nottingham Contemporary outside Gallery 1 as well as in the City of Caves Nottingham. This activity is to design and create posters for your own exhibition of artwork! A Boaster Poster!

What you need for this activity is paper and pencils, or felt tips.

You could add other things such as coloured or patterned paper, so you might need some scissors and a glue stick.

Make a clear space to work and gather your materials.

Decide what you want to create your poster for. Have you done lots of our P&L activities?

Maybe you’ve been busy creating lots of your own artworks over the last year to put in your windows?

So just imagine you get to hold your own exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary, like Allison Katz and you need exhibition posters to advertise it.

Allison Katz plays with styles of letters on her posters as well as words. Have a go at writing in lots of different ways - big letters, tiny letters, jagged letters, wiggly letters!

Think about what information you want to include on your poster, where is it? When is it? What is your exhibition called? Don’t forget to include your artist name!

Play around with lots of different ideas for your poster until you find one you’re happy with, maybe you want to create lots of different designs like Allison Katz. Take a look at our ideas.

Allison Katz likes to use puns and play on words in her work, her exhibition is called Artery (art is nestled in the word), maybe you could come up with some fun puns to use on your posters too. Get off to a flying art!

You could have a go at designing a poster for our Play & Learn activities. What would you want to tell your friends about us?

Hand out your posters to your friends and family and invite them to the preview of your very own art exhibition!

We would love to see all your fantastic poster designs! Make sure you share them with us at #NCmaking !

Top Tips at home:

- Cut your words and images out, so you can test moving them around a page to see where you like them before sticking them down
- You might need an adult to help with some cutting

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Ursula Rae

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