Play & Learn: Coming out to Play?

Taking inspiration from our exhibition Assemble + Schools of Tomorrow: The Place We Imagine, Lina Bo Bardi was interested in the action of taking over public spaces, an invitation to gather.

What a perfect challenge to turn your road into a Play Street.

Child outside their front door on a yellow mat with paint bottles, looking and listening to a story being read by artist Sian Watson-Taylor. Mother is in the doorway crouched downwith hands together adn a big smile on her face.

This summer to celebrate and share children's play, we’d love to see Play Streets popping up across the city!

A Play Street event is a resident-led, outdoor activity for the purpose of children's play. You can temporarily close roads to traffic to create safe spaces for children to play freely in their neighbourhood.

Sound like fun?

You could coincide yours with the extra Bank Holiday or with the National Playday, Wednesday 3rd August 2022. Click here to find out about National Play Day

chalk on a road reading "start"
a drawn map
chalk on a pavement

Here a few links to help you host a Play Street:

  • To host a Play Street you’ll need your council's permission. In Nottingham, the City Council already has a Play Street policy and you can find guidance on how to organise a Play Street and apply for a Temporary Play Street Order, click here to find out how to apply.

  • Playing Out is a social change organisation supporting and growing the street play movement, they have lots of great information about how to get started, troubleshooting questions and lots of great advice. Click here to find out about Playing Out

  • You can close your street up to 12 times a year, so maybe this summer could be the first of many!

Whilst you are planning, you could try some of these play activities safely in your neighbourhood:

Creative Walks - Colour Coordination

Creative Walks - Neighbourhood Names

The Art of Happiness!

The Everywhere Gallery

If you’ve hosted a Play Street before, we’d love to hear your stories and even advice that you’d like to share! Share with us #NCMaking

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