Our Gallery Zero Resident Artists: Outsider Artist Collective

9 shots of the outsider artist collective walking, making art and discussing

During our Gallery Zero residency, Outsider Artist Collective have explored ideas around time and change.

Time, conversation, listening, collaboration, and sharing have formed the foundation for our residency.

We have worked across a range of groups and venues throughout Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire whilst continuing with the notions of being ‘under one sky’ where we further explored the rhythms, cycles and changes that connect us all.

Open-ended conversations created an environment for exchange and encouraged connection within a programme of events open to all:

Apple Day, Under One Sky, St Ann’s Community Orchard, Nottingham

Moon Gazing and drawing for children at St Ann’s Community Orchard, Nottingham

Green’s Windmill Moon Gazing, Sneinton

Biodynamic gardening, talk and discussion, Nottingham Contemporary

Meditative Drawing at Nottingham Contemporary

Drawing Breath, a guided walk with drawing, at Weleda, Ilkeston

Creswell Crags, Drawing Skyscapes as part of Constellations in the Cave with Daniel Brown (NTU)

Greet the Moon, a film by Jane Wheat, Nottingham Contemporary

For our final residency event Outsider Artist Collective will be exhibiting drawings made by visitors to last years ‘Constellations in the cave’ event at Creswell Crags.

We invite you to join this Open Dome event that is in conjunction with Daniel Brown (NTU) at Nottingham Contemporary. You will have the opportunity to respond to the talks, poetry and photographic work of the Writing Skyscapes exhibits by creating their own skyscape drawings. You can book your free space here.

To find out more about the Collective, follow us on Instagram @outsider_artist_collective

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