Exhibition Resource Box: Paul Mpagi Sepuya and Dora Budor

Young children in red uniform playing with sculptures against a window.
Image by Francis Slip

Designed for primary, secondary and post 16 students, our resources can be used as part of a range of curriculum areas: Art & Design, Photography, Geography, History, PSHE, SRE, Citizenship, English and creative writing as well as discussion of contemporary issues.

Themes include social justice, politics of architecture, design and public space, community, identity and relationships as well as supporting an LGBTQ+ curriculum.

Activities are designed to be picked up and used in around the galleries and our building. Some activities can be used outdoors and independently of a visit.

They are designed to encourage observation, teamwork, communication and debate, making connections and exploring multiple perspectives through doing and making.

Resources include:

  • Acts of Looking: an activity exploring perspective through handling materials
  • View – Finders: an activity to support observation and creative writing
  • Hidden Structures: a building activity to ask critical questions
  • Kaleidoscopes: an activity to support experimentation and observation
  • Walk Ways: a set of creative walks

Teacher notes, visit information and an exhibition content guide are also available.

We encourage you to adapt resources to suit your group. We invite you to share photographs, responses and feedback on social media @nottm_contemp or with the team learn@nottinghamcontemporary.org

We hope the resources support connections and enjoyment of the exhibition, as well as a creative curriculum.

Assortment of textured objects over ontop of navy drawstring bag next to two instruction activity cards
Red fabric covered in patchwork black and grey fabric squares next to activity cards
Mirrored triangular shapes in multicolours
Black frames scattered on the floor next to activity cards
Multicoloured activity cards layed out on a brown background
Two people playing with view finders
Co-designed by Nottingham Contemporary Associate Artists and Play and Learn Facilitators.

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