Our building through the lens

A sunset framed by a corner of Nottingham Contemporary's building and part of a tree

Our building is like Marmite - some people love it, some people hate it.

Kasia Kotlarska, our Marketing Assistant, is a fan. She's been photographing Nottingham Contemporary long before she joined the team. Take a look at her amazing works.

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An upwards shot of Nottingham Contemporary on a misty day.
Kasia Kotlarska
A close-up image of Nottingham Contemporary's lighting.
A close-up image of ridged material used on the outside of Nottingham Contemporary.
A blue lit room of Nottingham Contemporary.
An image of Nottingham Contemporary by the stairs outside of the building and snow covering the floor.
Tracks left on an icy floor outside of Nottingham Contemporary.
An upwards shot of Nottingham Contemporary from the outside of the cafe.
A shadowy corner of Nottingham Contemporary
A small window within a building

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