Activity: Play Prompts and Conversations

There are subtle interventions around our building inviting you to play.

Can you find them all?

blue green and yellow tape marks out a zig zag on a concrete floor and wall
red and yellow tape makes a pattern up a wall
red and yellow tape makes a pattern up a wall
a grid of coloured tape on a wooden floor

Assemble + Schools of Tomorrow: The Place We Imagine is a high energy space of physical and imaginative play for grown-ups and children through a series of large-scale play sculptures.

However, sometimes we need a quieter place to play. A bit of rest, a bit of time out, for the grown-ups and children.

We have installed subtle play interventions around the building. Take a seat, and see what different play you can do with them all.

Here are a few Play Prompts and Play Conversation cards to spark a few ideas.

The postcards have used the typeface Us, designed by the children of The Milford Academy with Associate Artist Laura Eldret, and developed with graphic designer Fraser Muggeridge. You can download the font here

This activity was created by Play & Learn Facilitator, Ursula Rae

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