Play & Learn at Home

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Hello, we are Lisa, Ursula, Milee, Susie and Rachel. You might already know us from the Play & Learn sessions at the gallery.

On these pages you'll find activities from us for families to do together at home. There are also links to other sites and activities that you might find useful and enjoy.

At the gallery when we develop our activities, we think about ways that we can encourage families to experiment, share ideas, have fun and make memories together. We'd like to share our thoughts about creating a space for playing and making at home.

  • You don’t need a lot of room or resources, just a bit of time to go on a journey together.
  • Let things go their own way. It’s ok for an activity to go in a different direction to what was planned.
  • Don’t worry about an end point or a finished piece, its’ in the going along where the fun and learning can happen.
  • You might like to keep a record of what you do by taking photographs and talking together about your experiences. You can keep bits of artwork – perhaps just a favourite bit and the rest can be re-used another day. You could make a memory board or a display.
  • Can an activity be left out and revisited another day? Maybe it can develop into something else tomorrow?
  • At our Play & Learn sessions we usually have lots of families playing together. Can friends or family members elsewhere do the same activity on the same day and share photos?
  • If you'd like to share your photos with us we'd love to see them - #ncmaking

Have fun and we'll see you soon!

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