1525 SENsory Museum Inclusivity Toolkit

Space Inclusive, Year 2094

With the guidance of a team of artists, we worked with two groups at Space Inclusive to co-create a wellbeing-centred installation imagining the garden shed as a Museum of the Future.

Inspired by fantasy, sci-fi, and nature, four workshops were undertaken to create the pieces and give the participants an opportunity to curate their own space.

Three people holding yellow certificates
Brown shed in the garden with the doors open

An aspect of this project was the formation of a toolkit that would highlight areas of interest for the development of future workshops that may increase the accessibility and usefulness of said workshops for attendees in the future.

The toolkit was written by Benjamin Rostance, one of the artists in this project. He has 16 years of experience working in the health and social care sector and is currently the mental health cordinator at Backlit Gallery.

The toolkit includes details of the work, the other team members and 10 Recommendations by Ben for both workshop providers and participants.

Click here for the full toolkit

Future of Futures is an immersive year-long research, engagement and artistic project led by young people. Borrowing from sci-fi as well as role play and scenario planning techniques, our project will be set’ in a future version of Nottingham at the end of the 21st century, to collectively reimagine the role of culture and our gallery.

This project is supported by The Weston Culture Fund and The Foyle Foundation.

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