Activity: Objects as Art

This activity is inspired by Jimmy Robert’s use of objects as art.

Jimmy uses artworks as props in his performances, and displays props from his performances, as artworks.

This activity will explore creating sculptures using objects we might find at home.

Find a space to create at home. You could use a table, a box or find an unusual space like inside a cupboard or behind a chair.

Collect a range of objects from around your home. This could be toys, cutlery, clothes, or objects from a walk outside, like sticks, pebbles, or leaves.

Try stacking, balancing, or laying them out. Use your objects to explore creating sculptures.

How tall can you build? How wide can you go? How much can you squeeze into a space?

Try lots of different ways to build your sculptures, and if they fall, it’s all part of the fun - just try again!

Make your sculpture to fit the space you found, a really small space, might mean, a really tiny sculpture!

Don’t forget to take a picture or video of your artwork!

Why not try with a different selection of objects? Or in a different space?

Do share on our social media to create a gallery. We would love to see your artwork! #NCmaking

Tips at home:

- Make a clear space to work in.

- Ask grown-ups when collecting objects to make sure they are safe to use in a sculpture.

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Ursula Rae.