1525: Future of Futures Manifesto

Dark green text on light green background across multiple images with text: “1525 Collective Future of Futures Manifesto  Dear past self, the future you are creating is here. Violet skies await you at the end of your journey.  Our aim is to create a space of organic growth whilst fostering artistic companionship, community and compassion. As young people of now, we will continue to question norms and respond with social change. Do a handstand - see things from another perspective.  To exhale is to release. We encourage radical rest and empathy against capitalism. We will interweave protection of the environment, our work and ourselves - inclusion is a priority. We will channel communication, representation, and awareness of ourselves and others. We practice citation: we respectfully reference and acknowledge influences without appropriation.  Don’t be scared to try something new, for that is what will create the world we inhabit. Transformative change drips slowly - not everything needs to be big steps with big shoes. Thinking, collaborating and supporting others can change lives in mysterious ways. Nurturing each atom to create a universe. In turn, the universe will nurture you.  Dear future self, we are not as different as one might think, you and I. But I hope that when you look back, you see your progress as a boat sees the land. We will let our personalities overflow - our selves are our development. Dear future artists, you can rest your head on my shoulder. I am as you was. Hopepunk!”

This manifesto was made collaboratively by the young people in our 1525 collective, for our Future of Futures project. It is designed to be folded into a boat that symbolises the mode of transport towards the future.

Full manifesto is available to download here.

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