Charlotte’s Creative Challenges: Art with Everyday Things

Cutlery placed in the shape of a "H" and an "I"

Hello everyone, my name is Charlotte and I'm an artist and I work at Nottingham Contemporary. Even though we can't meet and be creative face to face we can still be creative together over the internet. I’ve got some more fun challenges for us to do. Here we go!

Activity 1: Repeating patterns

  • Collect objects that you can make a repeating pattern with. It could be shoes or books, or clothes or spoons, forks, and knives
  • Arrange your objects so they make a repeating pattern. Your pattern could be about the size of the objects, their colours or shapes, or by putting different objects together.
  • Take a photo or draw your pattern
  • Write down your pattern, for example: blue shoe, yellow book, red bowl, blue pen, yellow jumper, red t-shirt,
  • Clear up your pattern and start again. How many patterns can you recreate? If you can go outside you could collect natural objects like twigs and leaves to make a pattern too.

Activity 2: New font

  • Write letters using objects in your home.
  • You could use spoons and forks, or pencils and pens, and toys.
  • Can you write messages using this new way of writing?

Activity 3: Story bag

  • Find a bag and walk around your house moving from room to room. Collect one item from each room and put them in your bag.
  • Find a comfy place to sit. You are going to use the things in your bag and your imagination to make a story. Take out the first item – it has a job, what is its job?
  • Pull out the next item, this item likes to help the first item, what is its name? How does it like to help?
  • Take out the next item. This item likes to cook. That’s good, what will it make for all the other items?
  • Take out the next item. This item doesn’t like mashed potato, what can we feed it instead?
  • Take out the next item, what happens now?
  • Carry on taking out your items to finish your story.
  • You can play again but take out a different item first and make up a new story. You can invent your own story prompts or play with someone else and take it in turns to pull out items and create more stories.

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