Activity: Paper Moves

This activity is inspired by how our exhibiting artist, Jimmy Robert, uses paper and his body to explore shape and movement. We'll be looking at the way we move our bodies, by using collected paper to attach to the body as a costume or prop.

Collect any pieces of paper you can find - you could use old envelopes, junk mail, newspapers, or scrap pieces of paper.

Explore different ways you can join the smaller pieces of paper together. This could be taping, stapling, folding, twisting, or pegging together. Create large sheets of paper from different sizes and surfaces to explore on your body. Once you’ve started big, you can always cut it up and make it smaller!

Try draping a big sheet over your back or wrapping it around your body.

What about joining a strip of paper from your toe to your finger?

Try attaching jagged smaller pieces underneath your arms.

Why not try some of the poses that Jimmy Robert has made?

Jimmy Robert, Untitled (Preview JR_6), 2020
Jimmy Robert, Untitled (Preview JR_4), 2020
Jimmy Robert, Untitled (Preview JR_1), 2020.
Jimmy Robert, Untitled (Preview JR_8), 2020

How does the paper control your movements? Or turn your body into a different shape?

If you have a go at the activity, we'd love to see your creations on social media #NCmaking

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Ursula Rae