VR Exhibitions: Our Silver City, 2094

The Temple, an installation designed by Grace Ndiritu as part of Our Silver City, 2094 at Nottingham Contemporary
The Temple, 2021 installation designed by Grace Ndiritu featuring works by Armando D. Cosmos, Tuareg, 2021; Unknown maker, Bear Jug, 1740–60; Unknown maker, Loving Cup, 1770; Vivian Lynn, Caryatid, 1986; Charlotte Johannesson, Each Is a Universe, 2018; Unknown maker, Knight Jug, 1250–1300. Our Silver City, 2094 installation view at Nottingham Contemporary, 2021–22. Courtesy: the artist and Nottingham Contemporary. Photo: Stuart Whipps

You can virtually walk around our exhibition. V21 Artspace have scanned and documented our shows, giving visitors a new experience of our galleries.

Our Silver City travels to the end of this century, featuring works from the last 400 million years. It is an exhibition-as-sci-fi-novel, or vice-versa.

Crossing the gallery threshold, we step into a possible future world. This world has been reshaped by decades of crisis and collapse: resource wars and evacuations, plastic-eating bacteria and flooding. Once known as Nottingham, the Silver City is set against a backdrop of fire seasons and widening waterways. Here, communities have embraced different forms of colour production, weather forecasting and spirituality.

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