1525: Gamechangers 2094

Have you ever woken up and looked out the window to wonder… What does the future hold for Nottingham? Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies and 1525 Collective have teamed up to create a project aimed at turning these thoughts into a reality through the use of creative storytelling and worldbuilding using videogame creation and development software.

Set in the year 2094, Nottingham Contemporary is at the centre of one of the last remaining strongholds of civilisation. Atop of this building stands The Major Oak - a sanctuary for the citizens of a future society. Explore its roots to its branches to its leaves above.. together we will navigate this new world in an adventure that will teach us lessons of humanity, survival, and kinship.

Download Game Here

Future of Futures is an immersive year-long research, engagement and artistic project led by young people. Borrowing from sci-fi as well as role play and scenario planning techniques, our project will be set’ in a future version of Nottingham at the end of the 21st century, to collectively reimagine the role of culture and our gallery.

This project is supported by The Weston Culture Fund and The Foyle Foundation.

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