Activity: In the Picture, with BSL (Free materials)

Inspired by artist Jimmy Robert this activity explores how parts of a picture can be hidden and revealed by cutting, folding, using light, shadow, and reflection.

We have a FREE materials pack to support this activity which has everything you need, plain and coloured paper, a template, cellophane, glue, a mirror and pencil crayons. You just need to add the scissors!

There is an instruction sheet in the materials pack or you can click here, and just in case you need another the template of Jimmy you can also download here.

Once your materials arrive you can follow our Play & Learn facilitator Rachel in the video and do the activity together. You have the instruction sheet if you need a reminder of what to do next.

We can pop a materials pack in the post for you, email to let us know how many and where to send them to.

Remember the final artwork is the image and reflection, so make sure to take a photo and share with us at #NCmaking.

You can also use the mirror from the pack around your home and create interesting reflections and lines of symmetry there too.

If you have many materials left over try creating more artwork, just keep making!

Tips at home:

• Make a clear space to work
• Get help from an adult when cutting.
• You can always use felt tips or other materials you have at home.

If you would like the transcript to the video you can download here

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Rachel Scanlon