Families in the Galleries - Denzil Forrester

Colourful poster for "Kitchen Disco" by Clare Foges and Al Murphy. Text at the top reads ""Mummy, this is fantastically brilliant! It's so funny!" Josh Age 5"

If you are visitng our Denzil Forrester exhibition with children, we have developed some activities for you to watch on your phone, or even do at home!

Simply watch the videos below to find out more:

1. Listen to a Story Together - Kitchen Disco!

Whilst you wander through Denzil Forrester's exhibition, listen to a story together with Sian and Aoife. It's called the Kitchen Disco, and everyone's invited!

2. Drawing with Movement

Denzil Forrester's paintings are full of movement. What kind of drawing can you do using your body? Join Sian and Aoife and strike a pose!

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