Activity: Found Soundscape

Children smiling and singing into a microphone.

Explore Sung Tieu’s exhibition (you can do this using VR) and listen to the sound file. (You can dip in and explore the file at different points or the whole sequence is 30 minutes). Listen to different sounds. What does each sound remind you of? How does it make you feel? Make a list of words.

Sung’s work explores the psychological effects of sound. She made the soundscape with a composer, a neuroscientist and psychologist. It includes electronic impulses, insect-like sounds, coded messages and a recording of Nottingham Contemporary’s own water pump.

Have a look around the home and see if you can find things to create sounds with that match your list of words. Here's a couple to start you off - secret, rumour, uncertain.

Can you put your sounds together in a sequence? Decide on the duration and order of each sound. Decide if you want it loud or quiet and if you want sounds to overlap.

Can you write down or draw your sequence? Can you record or perform your soundscape?

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