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Activity: Curate a Collection
Activity: Body Marks (Free materials)
Activity: Map of Me (Free materials)
Activity: DIY Family Festival at home (Free materials)
Activity: Appliance Appreciation
Activity: Family Tree (Free materials)
Activity: Creative Veggie Walk
Activity: Water Play
Play & Learn: What we’ve all been up to!
Activity: A Den with a View
Activity: Kitchen Spell (Free materials)
Activity: Boaster Poster
Activity: Paint Play
Activity: Book Nook
Activity: Fruit & Veg Chain (Free materials)
Family Explorer Activities: Story Adventure #2 (BSL)
Family Explorer Activities: Allison Katz, Silent Sounds (BSL)
Family Explorer Activities: Erika Verzutti, Eye Spy (BSL)
Family Explorer Activities: Hello! #2 (BSL)
Family Explorer Activities: Melanie Matrangra, Hide & Seek (BSL)
Getting to know us: Play and Learn Team
Vote For Us! Kids in Museums Family Friendly Museum Award 2021
Activity: Static Magic (Free materials)
Activity: Creative Walks- Neighbourhood Names
Activity: Creative Walks - Colour Coordination
Activity: Paper Patterns (Free materials)
Activity: The Art of Happiness!
Activity: Dress Grace! (Free materials)
Activity: In the Picture, with BSL (Free materials)
Activity: Feel-Good Party (Free materials)
Activity: Kitchen Karaoke
Activity: Hula Hoop Disco (Free materials)
Grace Jones on her 'Hurricane' Tour, 2009. the_moog.
Activity: The Everywhere Gallery (Free materials)
Activity: Style Up
Activity: Hidden Portraits
Activity: Paper Moves
Activity: Stylish Silhouettes (Free materials)
Family Explorer Activities: A Story Adventure
Family Explorer Activities: Fashion Show
Family Explorer Activities: Mirror Movements
Family Explorer Activities: Hello!
Families in the Galleries - Denzil Forrester
Creative Wellbeing: Activities for the Classroom
Self Love Creative Wellbeing Project
For The Women’s House. By Faith Ringgold
Activity: Colour of Movement
Activity: Flat-pack Sculpture
Activity: Found Soundscape
Gill's Creative Challenge: Shape & Shadows
Gill's Creative Challenge: Super Vision Headset
Family Activity: Making Moves
Play & Learn: Links We Love
Play & Learn at Home
Charlotte's Creative Challenges: Things to Life
Charlotte’s Creative Challenges: Art with Everyday Things
Charlotte’s Creative Challenges: Using Your Senses Outside and Around the Home
Family Activity Resource: Material Library
Family Activity: Art Games
Experiments in Colour
Experiments in Light
Experiments in Line
Experiments in Pattern
Experiments in Shape
Experiments in Space
Family Activity: Party People
Family Activity: Cardboard Connect
Drawing Activity: Draw Movement