1525 x DKUK: Haircut & Discussion in the Gallery Past, Performance, Young People
Sun 8 Dec, 3pm–5pm
1525 Ugly Art Club: Mono-Printing Workshop Past, Young People, Workshop
Wed 4 Dec, 5pm–8pm
1525: Creative Research Skills Workshop Past, Young People, Workshop
Sat 30 Nov, 3pm–7pm
SparkAR Instagram Face Filter Workshop Past, Young People, Workshop
Sun 10 Nov, 3pm
Film: The Wave Past, Young People, Film
Sun 3 Nov, 1pm–4pm
No Reading Reading Group: 'Education by Infection' Past, Young People
Sun 13 Oct, 2pm
1525 x oneiroi: Exhibition & Open Mic Past, Young People
Sat 31 Aug, 8pm–11pm
1525 x backend: pathways into the artist-led scene Past, Young People, Workshop
Sat 24 Aug, 5pm–7pm
Notts Queer Pride x 1525 Presents: Happy Birthday Marsha! Past, Film, Young People, Talk
Fri 26 Jul, 7pm–10pm
Image courtesy Fatvegfemme
1525 Meditation and Art Past, Young People, Workshop
Mon 22 Jul, 7pm–8pm
1525 Collaging Poetry Workshop Past, Young People
Mon 15 Jul – Fri 30 Nov, 6pm–8pm
1525 Curating Course Past, Workshop, Young People
Thu 13 Jun – Thu 4 Jul, 5pm–7pm, Weekly
1525 'Dirty Girls' (1996) Past, Young People, Film, Talk
Sat 8 Jun, 2pm–5pm
1525 No Reading Reading Club: 'Whose History?' by Lis Rhodes Past, Young People
Sat 1 Jun, 1pm–3pm
1525 Ugly Art Club: Avant-Garde Stamp Making & Shape Work Past, Young People, Workshop
Sun 26 May, 2pm–5pm
1525 Meditation in the Galleries Past, Young People
Thu 2 May, 7pm–8.30pm
1525 It’s Mainstream, but OK: Karaoke Party and Pop-Up Exhibition Past, Music, Young People
Sat 27 Apr, 8pm–11pm
Xerox: Experimental Photo Portraiture Workshop Past, Young People
Sat 30 Mar, 1pm–6pm
1525 Queer Club Culture Panel Discussion Past, Young People
Sat 23 Mar, 2pm–4pm
1525 Voguing Past, Young People, Workshop
Sat 23 Mar – Fri 30 Nov, 4.30pm–6pm
1525 Arts Journalism: Part 2 Past, Young People
Tue 5 Mar, 6pm–8pm
1525 Arts Journalism: Part 1 Past, Young People
Tue 26 Feb, 6pm–8pm
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