1525 Collaging Poetry Workshop

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Open to all 15-25 year olds
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Wheelchair Accessible

Collage poetry is a text which is not written, but assembled, constructed from segments of found writing.

Starting from a diverse range of text and visual source material, the workshop will go through the process of selecting, and physically assembling chosen elements, bringing them together to form new, meaningful entities. These could take the form of anything from standard poetry, narratives or even performance.

Collage poetry is about shifting the creative process away from the traditional notion of ‘pure’ authorship that emanates from within, expanding it into a process more akin to curation, where the choices and links you make, become a new form of expression. We will learn how the act of collaging can be a transformative process, taking mundane inputs, that, treaded with sensitivity, can be elevated into powerful works.

In what will be a meditative and therapeutic environment, the workshop aims to give
time and space to engage with your own thoughts and emotions, freeing the sub conscious from the burden of ‘authored’ communication channels.

For those who wish to share, there will be an opportunity to listen to each others works at the end of the session.

Participants are very welcome, though not required, to bring their own source material, the more diverse and obscure, the better.

George Chinnery is an interdisciplinary artist who’s practice skirts the peripheries of art, poetry, design and craft, often incorporating poetry. Chinnery graduated from Fine Art at Falmouth University in 2013, returning to the Midlands to continue an evolving arts practice. Recent exhibitions include group shows at Backlit, Nottingham, Limbo, Margate and NN Contemporary, Northampton

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