No Reading Reading Group: 'Education by Infection'

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“Ultimately, teaching art means teaching life” – Boris Groys

No Reading Reading Club is a free series for young people, in which a selected text is read aloud and discussed. Texts will be handed out in the session. No pre-reading or research is required. The absence of knowledge is embraced to experiment with friendly and collective ways to interpret a reading.

What does it mean to learn about art today? Bauhaus ideas and teaching have lived on internationally via art schools. Groys examines the challenges faced by art schools in a moment of post post-modernist “free for all” culture, where no one tradition dominates. Who decides what knowledge is important to pass on? How is this knowledge transmitted, interfered with, and absorbed?

Whether you are interested in going to art school, a current art student or a disenfranchised art school graduate, Groy’s description of ‘education by infection’ is an interesting concept to consider.

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