Light After Dark Film Festival: A Night at the End of the World

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Light After Dark Film Festival: Cinema of Dreams and Shadows

25-27 March 2022 across the city of Nottingham

A festival that combines film with performance, music, and technology to give you an immersive, intimate, and collective encounter with cinema.

A Night at the End of the World

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“I have this dream where it’s the end of the world. And you’re there… except you’re someone else”

You are invited to a dream. It’s a club where chorus girls dance, old movies swirl above like memories, and fortunes are told. Drinks flow and music sways, but amidst the glitter there is sweet melancholy: the world ends at midnight. Join us for an immersive and interactive cinematic experience that blends film, performance, live music, and other happenings.

A bespoke new video installation and live performance piece by artist Louise O'Connor, Theatrical interventions by Lapelles factory Musical performances by Jenny Moore's Mystic Business, and Thomas Truax. All accompanied by a DJ set from Nonspecific logos and dreamy video visuals from Vent Media.

Dress code: black and white only. Dream starts promptly at 8pm.

A collaboration between Nottingham Contemporary & Nottingham Playhouse. Created by Louise O’Connor & Niki Harman. With Martin Berry & LaPelles factory.

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