Light After Dark Film Festival: Metropolis with live score by 8mm Orchestra

a film still from metropolis of a robotic figure in a chair with electric wires attached

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Light After Dark Film Festival: Cinema of Dreams and Shadows

25-27 March 2022 across the city of Nottingham

A festival that combines film with performance, music, and technology to give you an immersive, intimate, and collective encounter with cinema.

METROPOLIS (1927) Dir. Fritz Lang with an original live score by 8mm Orchestra

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“The mediator between head and hands must be the heart”

Set in a futuristic urban dystopia, Lang’s expressionist sci-fi masterpiece follows attempts of rich kid Freder and the saintly Anna to end the tyranny of the city’s industrial overlords. A landmark of cinema with dazzling, timeless set-pieces and an enduring message about social justice. Brought to life with an original soundtrack of swirling guitars, ambient synths and driving drums by instrumental electronic rock band 8mm Orchestra.

Co-Curated with young people (Madison Berry, Izzy Campbell, Merla Greany & Katie Rayson) from Future of Futures* . With reference to Nottingham Contemporary’s Our Silver City 2094, this event imagines a future where cinema has died—and is being resurrected once again.

*Future of Futures is an immersive year-long research, engagement and artistic project led by young people. Borrowing from sci-fi as well as role play and scenario planning techniques, our project will be set’ in a future version of Nottingham at the end of the 21st century, to collectively reimagine the role of culture and our gallery. This project is supported by The Weston Culture Fund and The Foyle Foundation."

The screening is made possible by Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung

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8mm Orchestra (millimetre) are an instrumental electronic rock band from Nottingham, UK. Blending swirling guitars, ambient synths and driving drums, 8mm have released a series of diverse EPs and original film soundtracks on their own Super Music Collider Records, and on I Own You Records. Metropolis is the band's third original soundtrack commission, following previous work for Mayhem Film Festival (Daughter of Horror [2014], The Unknown [2013]).

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