Light After Dark Film Festival : Conjuring the Cinematic

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Light After Dark Film Festival: Cinema of Dreams and Shadows

25-27 March 2022 across the city of Nottingham

A festival that combines film with performance, music, and technology to give you an immersive, intimate, and collective encounter with cinema.

Conjuring The Cinematic

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Paris, 1930: a group of artists, thinkers, analysts, and writers convene La Societe des Ombres to unravel the alchemical power of cinema. They believe the movies to be magical, and that cinema is the only medium that can access our unconscious and conjure dreams. For one day only, we resurrect this society to ask: What is the difference between dream, cinema, and memory? How does cinema seize our bodies? Can we taste it?

Art witch Wingshan Smith and Critic Christina Newland are joined by thinkers, filmmakers and film lovers for a unique roundtable event with a sensory twist.

Hosted at Nottingham Contemporary with University of Nottingham.

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The event is led by Wingsham Smith, curator, art witch and artist, and critic, Christina Newland

Wingshan Smith is an artist/curator/witch based in Nottingham. She leads the artist-led project space, Chaos Magic and is the creator of Tender Coven - an online space providing witch boxes, full moon circles, and other community coven events. She is also an Artist Development Curator at Freelands Foundation supporting emerging artists and regional arts ecosystems across the UK. Her embodied practice explores the cathartics of rituals as a site for healing in community settings to re-route the viewer back to their own domestic sites where identities are first formulated. She is a current recipient of the Near Now Ideas Fund Award researching weatherlore, summoning rituals, Anthropocene geopolitics, and predictive data.

Christina Newland is lead film critic at the i Newspaper and an award-winning journalist on film, pop culture, and boxing at many other publications, including Sight & Sound Magazine, EMPIRE, BBC, The Guardian, VICE, Hazlitt, The Ringer, and others. She is also a print columnist with Little White Lies Magazine ('Threads'.) Her substack newsletter, 'Sisters Under the Mink', about the depiction of women in crime cinema and tv, won a UK Freelance Writing Award in 2021. Her first book, an edited anthology called 'She Found it at the Movies: Women Writers on Sex, Desire, and Cinema' was published by Red Press in 2020.

Rachel Moore convenes the MA in Film and Screen Studies and is head of the intercollegiate University of London Screen Studies Group.Her research covers early film history and theory; the historical and contemporary avant-garde. The relationship of these to modern society is charted via the theories of the College of Sociology and the Frankfurt School (both loosely defined).

Niki Harman is a creative producer concentrating on experimental and immersive cinematic happenings. A film programmer for The Screen at Contemporary and Director of Light After Dark Film Festival

Kieran Foster is a Teaching Associate in Film and Media at the University of Nottingham. He is currently writing a book on unmade Hammer horror films entitled Hammer Goes to Hell: The Unmade Films of Hammer, and was the project manager of an event that produced a live script reading of the unmade Hammer script Vampirella.

Precious Adesina is a London-based freelance culture writer published in TIME, Financial Times, BBC, The Economist, The Art Newspaper and more. She has also given talks at Whitechapel Gallery and Nottingham Contemporary on arts writing and research.

Charlotte Landrum is a Manchester-based filmmaker exploring dreams, fear, and experiments with form. She also writes about her favourite weird films at Polyester Zine and Avant Garbage.

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