Light After Dark Film Festival : Facades

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Light After Dark Film Festival: Cinema of Dreams and Shadows

25-27 March 2022 across the city of Nottingham

A festival that combines film with performance, music, and technology to give you an immersive, intimate, and collective encounter with cinema.


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“walking the line between reality and illusion”

Facades is a room-scale dance-theatre virtual reality (VR) experience by Displace Studio created by Digital Dance Artist Kerryn Wise and Creative Technologist Ben Neal.

Inspired by iconic film scenes including Rear Window, The Wizard of Oz, and The Mirror, Facades uses the architectural features of mirrors, windows and doors as metaphors for duality, reflection and portals.

This surreal ‘VR noir’ presents hauntingly beautiful choreography from unique perspectives to expose themes of vulnerability, trust, disembodiment and isolation, inviting the viewer to step into the frame, move beyond the veneer and take a closer look.

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