Tom Dale Company and Inspire Youth Arts presents: UBX:SRG - for Light Night 2022

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Premiere performance commissioned by Nottingham City Council in association with Inspire Youth Arts.

A stunningly visual, immersive dance performance, performed inside a digitally projected landscape to an evocative music score - featuring music from Ital Tek and animation from Barret Hodgson.

Humanity is pushing at the boundaries of evolution as we enter the augmented age. The digital world is on a quest to re-create life and does this by making ever more real copies of the world. Humans share the planet with the new life force – technology. We ask: “What is the future of the human body in a world beset by inequality…. as evolution/natural selection – is replaced by intelligent design?”

Professional dancers are joined on stage by young dancers from 4 youth dance groups from across the County who have been working on the concept and choreography since September. On Friday we have Back Foot Forward and NCYDC and on the Saturday we have ADANCE and SANDance performing.

This specially commissioned LIGHT NIGHT performance is based on Tom Dale Company’s solo performance SURGE which premiered at Lakeside in November 2021.

Audiences are free stand, sit or move around the centralised performance space to get thrillingly close to the dancers.

The SURGE family of performances has been developed with the support of Lakeside Arts Nottingham and Dance4.

Tom Dale Company is funded by Arts Council England.

Watch this teaser from the original solo piece SURGE to whet your appetite.

UBX:SRG - for Light Night 2022:
Concept Developed by: Tom Dale, Jemima Brown and Barret Hodgson
Choreography: Tom Dale
Digital Animation: Barret Hodgson
Music: Ital Tek
Costume: Geraldine Wharry with Cristiano Casimiro
TDC Dancers: Jemima Brown, Chelsea Gordon,
Sean Moss and Sophie Thorpe

Photo Credits: Alice Underwood and Jake Osborne

Safety during your visit

Staff will be wearing face coverings. Visitors are asked to wear a face coverings in all areas, unless exempt.

Social distancing may not be possible during this event.

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