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A broadcast from an alternative world where cable TV is full of exploration, experimentation and DIY beauty. Each episode brings together footage of live performances shot at Nottingham Contemporary and videos made by artists innovating at the intersection of textual, visual, and sonic performance.

With contributions by Charmaine Lee, Ash Reid & Liene Rozite, Russell Walker, Sophie Jung, Phil Minton, LDSN, Jessica Higgins, Neil Luck, Hannah Ellul, Yeah You, Peter Manson, Stephen Crowe, Dylan Nyoukis & Karen Constance, Control Collar, and Adam Butcher.

Pommel is developed by Rammel Club, Matthew Hamblin, Stephen Crowe, and Lila Matsumoto and supported by University of Nottingham.

Online. Free. This event will be hosted on the Nottingham Contemporary website.

Watch episode 1 - Fri 18 Jun, 8pm.

Watch episode 2 - Fri 16 Jul, 8pm.

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