Portalis Collaborator Interview – Laure-Amélie Guy

What influences did you draw on for this project?

The inspiring influence that drove this project was the Hollow Earth exhibition.

What processes did you use in your work?

After having discussed ideas with the artists and developing an understanding of how they wanted their artwork to be displayed, this enabled me to design the space accordingly. The process started with conversations about concepts, then led to a distribution of the workload between me and fellow collaborator and Interior Architect Sandra Mbula Nzioki. After this, I was then able to design the layout.

a photo of Laure-Amelie

Did you try new approaches for this exhibition that led to new discoveries?

The use of lighting was interesting to explore with a view to making a cohesive space that allowed for all the artists preferences. Also, having discussions with the gallery technicians was very insightful, and offered great opportunities to understand exhibition design to its fullest.

What feelings or meanings do you imagine your work conveys?

The Space, through its darkness will convey a cave-like feel, and the artworks will invite intrigue and exploration.

Laure-Amelie drawing on an iPad

How does your work for Portalis relate to your past work?

Collaborating on this project was a new experience for me and has been very helpful. Working in a team was a new way or working and was very interesting. In addition, working with a budget was very enriching as I can now understand the cost and time of exhibition design.

Will this project influence some aspect of your future practice? If so, what and how?

Designing for art galleries would be something I would thoroughly enjoy. This experience offered insight into exhibition design, and I hope to be part of the industry.

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