Workshop: Tools of Rest by resting up collective

a poster for "Tools of Rest". The title is a the top with resting up Collective's logo underneath. At the bottom of the poster are 4 tools - a saw, screwdriver, hammer and pliers - with arrows coming from the top of them pointing to floating text boxes with the words "Slowing down" "dreaming" "collaborating" and "Creating" in them
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We’re sick, tired, and slow. We move under crip time and reject notions that productivity defines our value. When we check our schedules, we do so knowing that “crip time bends the clock to meet disabled bodies and minds” (Kafer). That our lives are not linear and sit outside normativity, beyond neoliberal trappings of the 9 to 5 and focus on self-improvement.

So, how can we prioritise rest in a world that sees it as unproductive?

Join resting up collective for a 90-minute creative workshop that will offer practical tools to introduce resting through creative practice into every day while practising self- and collective care.

Through writing exercises, discussing readings and collective imagining, resting up collective will work with participants to start building a world where rest is more important than working. Participants will be given Resting Toolkits, including online resources and writing exercises, to take away and use as the foundations of their ongoing practice of rest. There is no preparation required for this workshop. We recommend bringing a pen and notebook, or any materials you use to write with.


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This event is wheelchair accessible.

There are no audio descriptions for this event.

If you have any questions around access or have specific access requirements we can accommodate, please get in touch with us by emailing or phoning 0115 948 9750.

Safety during your visit

Please do not attend this event if you/someone in your household is currently COVID-19 positive, has suspected symptoms or is awaiting test results.

Staff and visitors are welcome to wear a face mask in all areas.

resting up collective is an interdisciplinary group of chronically ill and disabled friends practising slowness/crip time to create, think, and interrupt neoliberal pressures and expectations on the body. The workshop is facilitated by resting up members Jennifer Brough, Charlie Fitz, and Ellie Page.

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