Refuge Week Film Night: The Shelter

The Shelter (L’Abri) Dir. Fernand Melgar (2014, Switzerland) 101 min.15
The Shelter (L’Abri) Dir. Fernand Melgar (2014, Switzerland) 101 min.15

Film screening of The Shelter (L’Abri) (2014), directed by Fernand Melgar with an introduction by Roger Bromley, Nottingham Beyond Borders.

This is the final part of a powerful trilogy on the migrant experience by the award-winning documentary director, Fernand Melgar, renowned for his forceful investigations into the injustices of Swiss society. The first two films were featured in the last two Refugee Week festivals, The Shelter is his latest offering.

The Shelter (L’Abri) Dir. Fernand Melgar (2014, Switzerland) 101 min. 15

The Shelter, charts a cold winter spent at an emergency shelter for homeless migrants in the wealthy city of Lausanne, in Switzerland.
Shelter staff have the daunting task of randomly selecting the evening's residents: women and children first, men later if there is room. The shelter can hold 100 people, yet only 50 'chosen ones' will be allowed inside the concrete walls. Those that remain outside face a long and lonely night.

This event is being presented as part of Nottingham Refugee week 2016 and is a collaboration between the Learning team, Public Programmes, and Nottingham Beyond Borders.

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