Gallery Zero

Gallery Zero (adjoining Gallery 1), is our ever-changing, experimental space for collectives of artists, creators, makers and agitators. As well as being home to Nottingham Contemporary’s library, Gallery Zero hosts a range of exhibitions, workshops, discussion, and more.

Selected by an open call, our resident collectives are: Schüle Wampe, Notts Zine Library, Outsider Artist Collective, as well as 1525 Collective. Drop-in to find out more.

Gallery Zero Resident Collectives

Notts Zine Library showcase and archive a collection of self-published zine materials. They host talks, workshops and other events around the concept of D.I.Y. culture.

Outsider Artist Collective explore our experiences living ‘under one sky’. Events include gatherings, films, talks and debates, focusing on the moon, equinox and solstice calendar.

Schüle Wampe - a subset of the art collective Kühle Wampe – has a “parasitic” research-based practice which aims to permeate the institution-host (Nottingham Contemporary) to facilitate links between existing groups and educational resources; drawing parallels with the slime mould and Nottingham’s cave networks.

1525 Collective are a group of young creatives, who regularly meet at Nottingham Contemporary. Their ambition is to connect with young people across the city, develop new and exciting ways of working together, taking on the issues that matter.

The open call for a new Gallery Zero resident is now live, please find out more here.

Deadline: Wed 26 Feb

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