Dora Budor Screens: Peter Gidal, Jiajia Zhang, Asta Lynge, Nikhil Vettukattil, Jean-Marie Straub, and Noah Barker & Paul Levack

A 360 shot of a person in a supermarket
Astra Lynge, How soft your fields so green can whisper tales of gore, 2021
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For this screening programme in conjunction with Dora Budor's exhibition Again at Nottingham Contemporary, Budor presents a selection of structuralist and neo-structuralist films and videos by Peter Gidal, Jiajia Zhang, Jean-Marie Straub, Asta Lynge, Nikhil Vettukattil, and Noah Barker & Paul Levack.

They show us things we can sometimes recognise, but are likely not about any of those recognisable things. They are not about description, but about process. And they are about something being produced, and not reproduced. Instead, these films examine the undercuts of consumable images and probe deep into their libidinal slickness.

Presented on 16mm film, HD video, and dual-projector passive 3D video.

Introductory remarks by Dora Budor.

The event is in collaboration with Giorno Poetry Systems.


Peter Gidal, Key, 1968, 16mm film, 10'

Jiajia Zhang, EOD, 2023, HD video, 3'19''

Jean-Marie Straub, La France contre les robots / France Against Robots, 2020, HD video, 9'53''

Asta Lynge, How soft your fields so green can whisper tales of gore, 2021, 4K video, 6'15''

Nikhil Vettukattil, IMG_3371, 2017, 4K video, 6'12''

Noah Barker and Paul Levack, Schlossgarten Passacaglia, 2022, Stereoscopic 3D video, 14'33''


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This event will be held in The Space.

Speakers will use microphones.

This event is wheelchair accessible.

If you have any questions around access or have specific access requirements we can accommodate, please get in touch with us by emailing or phoning 0115 948 9750.

Croatian-born artist Dora Budor surveys the sites where architecture and private life work upon one another. A frequent curator of exhibitions and screenings, artistic community and group study are central to Budor’s multifaceted practice.

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