No Shadow Between the Thighs: DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS

a film still showing an elegant blonde woman with long red nails and a silver sequin dress reaching past another woman to caress the head of a man who is kissing her.
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No Shadow Between the Thighs: A Ridykeulous Film Programme

A delicious meander through classic, cult and unknown films of Queer Cinema

This season of The Screen we conspired with our exhibiting artist-curators Ridykeulous (Nicole Eisenman & A.L. Steiner, with Sam Roeck) to deliver a selection of art house queer film.

To accompany our current exhibition, Ridykes’ Cavern of Fine Inverted Wines and Deviant Videos which features a broad selection of short moving image works, we conceived some films intended to be viewed full length in a cinema setting. From an expansive list across 1970s’s exploitation, Queer New Wave and contemporary cinema, we chose a selection of artist's moving image, feature films, shorts, fiction, documentary and experimental titles presented in four chapters that represent a slice of lesser-known queer cinema. Films that inspired and excited the Ridykes and filmmakers that have influenced them, collaborated with them or who they just think are "kind of cool".

Part Two. Do something to someone ... some classic queer films

DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS Harry Kümel (1971) 100 min

Cert 18. £6

Our Halloween special sees a newly-wed couple spend the night at a seaside hotel in the dead of winter, where the only other guest is a beautiful mysterious countess and her assistant. Things quickly become strange. A heady mix of surrealism, expressionism, and 1960s European cinema makes this a stylistic treat. A psycho-sexual trip of a lesbian vampire film that deserves its status as a true cult horror Queer classic.

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