Designing a Sonic Planet

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Designing a Sonic Planet Berlin 2021, with Elsa Mbala, Nandita Kumar, Holger Schulze, Gilles Aubrey, Kate Donovan, Anton Katz, Mahlet Wolde, Moritz Simon, Merche Biasco Courtesy: Salomé Voegelin
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Designing a Sonic Planet is a series of meetings, staged in different places, concerned with how sound and a sonic thinking can help us approach the global and local challenges of today. In this venture we are motivated by the invisible and relational logic of sound: how it can make us see and sense the world as an entangled place, and thus how it can help us think and work with the “entangled problems" of climate change, related public health issues, scarcity of resources, social justice, but also more specific and local emergencies, from sound’s own entangledness.

The first such event took place in Berlin, on Sat 1 Oct. We came together as a group of researchers, artists, students, scientists and people personally and professionally invested in contemporary challenges and/ or the sonic, to together think and workshop what we are facing, and to design, generate, discuss and propose, potential solutions or at least pathways to solutions or the conditions needed towards the aim of treading another path.

For this third iteration in Nottingham we will meet at Nottingham Contemporary to discuss, listen, sound and think together, as we hope by repeating such ventures across different localities to gain an understanding of the local and specific emergencies/urgencies in each place: to scale down what is overwhelming when thought about on a global scale and use the necessarily local invisibility of sound and its connecting logic, to see things differently and up close. We hope to in this manner generate a discussion that can connect to other work going on in this area and to bring a sonic/relational competencies to current crises.

The event starts at 12pm and will end around 5pm with a break for lunch. Please bring, if you have, a sound recording device, and or a camera, or simply a smart phone capable to do both. If you have neither do not worry, we will share.

This event is part of Emergency&Emergence, our multi-platform research programme that unearths transdisciplinary, sensorial and speculative practices of radical sensemaking and wayfinding via questions of repair, pedagogy, remediation and mutation.

Salomé Voegelin is an artist, writer and researcher engaged in listening as a socio-political practice. She writes essays and text-scores for performance and publication. Books include Sonic Possible Worlds (2014/21) The Political Possibility of Sound (2018) and Listening to Noise and Silence (2010). Her new book Uncurating Sound: Knowledge with Voice and Hands, appears with Bloomsbury in early 2023. It moves curation through the double negative of not not to ‘uncuration’: untethering knowledge from the expectations of reference and a canonical frame, and reconsidering art as political not in its message or aim, but by the way it confronts the institution. Voegelin’s practice engages in participatory, collective and communal approaches. Between 2014 and up to the Pandemic in 2020 she co-convened, with Mark Peter Wright, the regular cross-disciplinary listening and sound making event Points of Listening And since 2008 she collaborates with David Mollin (Mollin+Voegelin) in a practice that reconsiders socio-political, architectural and aesthetic actualities and sites from the blindspots of a leaky vision, and the possibilities of sound, things, voices and texts. Voegelin is a Professor of Sound at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. She is the PI (Principle Investigator) of the UK research council funded project the Sounding Knowledge Network.

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