Livestream: New Year’s Eve 2020 Families Par’tay

The Livestream is now over, thanks to all who joined in!

Let’s say goodbye to 2020 in style! Move the sofa, stack the chairs and dance on the table. Grab the kids, get your glad rags on, it’s time to PAR’TAY!

Our Play & Learn team will be hosting a party full of fun, with music, dancing and activities for you to do at home.

It all kicks off at 11am where Milee, Rachel, Susie, and Ursula will show you how to create costumes and props, while DJ Jim takes to the decks and plays our favourite family playlist, suggested by you.

With a countdown at 12 noon, we will see the midday in with a BANG!

We have a free party pack crammed with materials for each of you to join in our activities on the day. There are also balloons, party blowers, and materials to decorate your space so that your party is super colourful and ultra-sparkly!

You can pick up a party pack from Nottingham Contemporary until Xmas Eve, after then we can pop it in the post for you. There are limited numbers so hurry and reserve your space and party pack, email Links to join the event will be released the day before.

Get practising your moves, it’s going to be the Par’tay of the year!

Don’t’ forget we want to see all those moves!
You can share your dancing with us at #NCmaking

Tips at home:

  • Make a clear space for making and then for dancing
  • Choose a doorway, a window or a corner of a room to decorate to get the best impact
  • Some children might need support or supervision for the activities
  • Some of the materials require adult supervision for children aged under 3

This activity was created by the Play and Learn Team, Milee, Rachel, Susie, and Ursula