Postponed - 1525: Fake It Till You Make It

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Open to all 15-25 year olds

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Wheelchair Accessible

Invent, script, perform, film, and upload online fake news with Homing.

Set between a newsroom and a press office, we present Fake It Till You Make It. An artist led play environment; together we will create a fake news website that will go live during the workshop.

The newsroom develops the content for the website where; short script writing, role play, and mask-making take place. Within the space there is a green screen, news desk, and chair, recording equipment (camera, lights, microphone), props, costumes and masks (animal, hand drawn, celebrity, political). For those who prefer to not to perform, they can create a still image that will be fake news headlines - a punchy statement.

The digital; here we will upload your fake news video, still image or voice recording in the press office and learn how to design your own website for free.

Homing is an arts and educational collective; between behavioural psychologist Charlaine Reval and artist Laura O’Neill. We are interested in how new technology can creatively open and create socially engaged approaches that investigate the impact of scientific, digital and political systems on society and how those systems shape our perception and behaviour.

Laura O’Neill’s videos occupy a hinterland of audio-visual excess. She weaves personal narratives through abstract and fluctuating alternative realities. Political players and tabloid news frequently populate worlds filed with bulbous characters and unknown creatures. O’Neill’s videos are visually and technically complex, her precise soundtracks mix music from various sub- and club-cultures that drift in and out of earshot in abstract unison; the intertwined nature of video and audio building into consuming and impactful experiences.

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