Play and Learn Team: Susannah Lambert

Susannah Lambert looking backwards towards the camera holding out a cape in the style of peacock feathers.

Hello, I’m Susie and I’ve been a Play and Learn Facilitator here at Nottingham Contemporary for a long time now! I really love it as it combines a lot of my interests, play, being creative, dressing up, exploring, making a mess, and having lots of fun. I particularly like the opportunity for people of different ages and generations to enjoy our activities together. Although we plan the activities, I like seeing how families interpret these ideas, and take it in their own direction depending on their interests and experiences.

I like to link other areas of the activities to the theme, sometimes encouraging families to dress in a particular colour so they match the theme. I often create playlists of music that reflects the themes and ideas we are working with, and provide a soundtrack for families to relax, dance, and sing along to.

Outside of work I enjoy listening to music and watching bands play. Crocheting is something I really like too, making all sorts, from clothing to wired sculptures for community arts events. I’ve also recently re-discovered my childhood Sindy doll collection and I am playing around with creating dioramas and photographing these.

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