Play and Learn Team: Rachel Scanlon

Rachel Scanlon wearing sunglasses next to her dog.

Hello, I’m Rach and I’ve been at Nottingham Contemporary for 8 years watching all of your children grow up and helping them to be creative! I really enjoy making art, and experimenting with different art forms, though I especially like working in 3D and playing with scale.

Aside from being an artist, I love being out and about in nature and walking my dog, particularly in Wollaton Park, which is my favourite place to go. I also enjoy baking, reading and watching Marvel films with my son.

I have had a go at growing flowers in lockdown, while not 100% successful, it is definitely satisfying to watch them grow and nurture them, and it’s lovely to see them add a splash of colour to my windowsill and garden.

I am looking forward to Summer; the bright days make me feel positive and, like the sunflower, I like to turn my face to the sun and feel it’s warmth.

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