Aftermath 2094: Wiktor Wawrzyniak

a photo taken from above of a person with one arm in the air, lit by green lights

How would you describe your practice?

My practice is interior architecture and design. It is about creating an experience within a space taking into consideration the architecture of the space as well as lighting, materials etc.

What are you trying to communicate through your work?

I’m attempting to highlight and enhance the Fine Art post-grad student’s work with the lighting and layout of the space.

Are there aspects of Our Silver City, 2094 that inspired your work, outlook or you personally?

I’m excited to design the space to make it curious and explorative for the visitors and to enable visitors to form their own Aftermath narrative. I hope to take this whole experience away and apply it to my course work.

Describe your process of developing your work on this project from ideas, conversations through planning, to experiments and production.

The process was based around meetings with the artists, graphic designer, photographers and gallery staff. We then produced various models in Sketch-up, sketching by hand and producing final plans to guide the install of the artworks and contribute illustrations for printed materials.

What does it mean to you to you to collaborate on this project?

I have learnt more about exhibition design and gained professional advice and help from various staff at the gallery.

What do you hope visitors will experience or take away?

I hope that visitors enjoy the space and experience as whole and leave with thoughts and theories based on the artworks.

Instagram: @wiktor.designs

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