Aftermath 2094: Tiegan Paterson

a dimly lit shot of a person's face with a pink background

How would you describe your practice?

I am an Interior Architecture post-grad student, and my role on Aftermath 2094 was to create an experience for the visitors to the space that is memorable and invites a conversation about what we are trying to communicate through the artworks and the design of the exhibition. We attempted to highlight the Fine Art post-grad student’s work in a way that is sympathetic towards Our Silver City, 2094.

Describe your process of developing your work on this project from ideas, conversations through planning, to experiments and production.

The first step was to create rough plans of the space and working through a number of options for the layout of the artworks. We created elevations and sections to visualise potential options that took into consideration the requirements of each individual artwork. The process included brainstorming through mind maps, researching exhibition themes, visiting artists in their studios and following the development of each artwork.

What does it mean to you to you to collaborate on this project?

This was my first project outside of university, therefore I gained lots of fundamental skills in the process that I can continue to apply throughout the process of university. As well, I have enjoyed the process of learning exhibition design and am keen to develop this interest.

What do you hope visitors will experience or take away?

I hope that through the design of the space, the visitors will be intuitive and explorative, and leave them with many thoughts and questions as they leave which makes them continue thinking – or even come back to experience it again.

Instagram: @designedbytiegan

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