Virtual Reality for Schools

Bring our exhibitions into your classroom with virtual reality.

Your class can now virtually visit our current and past exhibitions. We’ve worked with V21 Artspace to document our shows and bring our past exhibitions to you and back to life.

Explore our exhibitions in 360 degrees and connect students through discussion and making with our teaching resources to encourage engagement in the arts and in current debates.

Our VR exhibitions explore themes of identities, community-building and protest, as well as art, culture and design in the 20th and 21st century.

We know how gallery visits and experiences with artists can enrich learning. We are using VR to increase access to our galleries and connect teachers and students who are not yet be able to visit us in person.

Working closely with two city schools, a primary and a secondary, we've been testing how VR can be used in the classroom. Together, teachers and students helped us create resources to support other schools to access and use our virtual exhibitions. It was important to us that there was the opportunity for hands-on making as well as digital exploration. Students helped us adapt activities using materials readily available in the classroom.

Each VR exhibition is listed below, with accompanying resources - learning notes for teachers and immersive and hands-on activities for learners of all ages.

Our VR exhibitions can be accessed with whiteboards, tablets, PCs and laptops. You can virtually engage with or without VR headsets. You can borrow a VR headset from us by contacting

Download our guide for using VR

Funded by The Mighty Creatives, Digital Development Grant. Delivered in partnership with V21 Artspace and Nottingham Academy.

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