'Phoenix's Last Song', Dorine Van Meel and Jules Sturm in conversation, 'The Unexpected Beautiful Phrase' at Nottingham Contemporary, 2019. Photo: Sam Kirby

We believe that contemporary artistic practices are tools to activate conversations about broader cultural and political questions and to open up to new research methods.

Nottingham Contemporary is a site for collectively producing and sharing knowledge. We work with a wide array of partners and audiences to explore cutting-edge curatorial debates and artistic practices. We develop research projects and study programmes; support academic studies through placements and Collaborative Doctoral Awards; and produce publications. Our online publishing platform, The Contemporary Journal, expands the programme’s ideas and engages an international community.

Our public programmes activate our research questions and rehearse new methods and ideas in the cultural field. Our long-term research projects are developed in collaboration with local and international artists, activists and academics. This research is shared through live public events, on site and online, which include talks, performance, screenings and in-depth study, contributing to wider debates in visual cultures and contemporary art.

Asking questions and deploying curatorial methods to rehearing answers is a vital part of what we do. We practice the institution as a site of knowledge production and advance curatorial research in the field. Our programme of events asks: How does research and practice intertwine in the cultural sector? And what does research look like when speaking from the site of practice?

Research Strands

Collaborative Research

The Contemporary Journal