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Image credit: Roberta Segata

Image credit: Roberta Segata


On Translations

Research strand

Public Programmes and Research (PP&R) is structured across long term themed research strands. The exhibition From Ear to Ear to Eye (about listening and translation) serves as the backdrop for the launch of our new research strand On Translations. This strand explores relationships between the politics of translation and contemporary visual cultures. It questions the ambiguities embedded in translation, ranging from the erasure of languages and epistemologies by colonialism, to contemporary transnational and globalised connections. 
Watch out for the On Translations series line below our upcoming events to indicate which ones are part of this new research strand.
Events include:
The Study Sessions - After Orientalism: Contemporary Politics of Representation of the Middle East.
I Can Hear the Barbarians performance by Maryam Monalisa Gharavi.
Empty Orchestra performance by Urok Shirhan.
On Translations Conference.
Translating Activism Writing Workshop
Publishing practices: The Contemporary Journal
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